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  1. (kd) Poverty flood 1

    Cycle of poverty in Malaysia's Kelantan state amid annual floods

    Putrajaya has pledged to upgrade the infrastructure under a new five-year plan to tackle the flooding.
  2. Workers walk across London Bridge as they head for the City of London

    Commentary: How the West lost its way and what can be done to restore social mobility

    What many advanced economies need are comprehensive programmes that enhance economic security and social engagement, says Helmut K Anheier.
  3. China's vast worker pool has powered the explosive growth of its export-driven economy

    Commentary: China lifted 850 million people out of poverty but now faces bigger challenges

    China created the world's largest middle class by pursuing industrialisation, liberalising the private sector, welcoming foreign investment and ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: An employee collects items ordered by Amazon.com customers through the company's t

    Commentary: The worker in the US is getting poorer while working harder

    Many low-wage workers in the United States who rely on public benefits may lose access to some or all of those benefits if they earn more, says ...