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  1. Radicalised at 7: Saving the children of terrorists
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    Radicalised at 7: Saving the children of terrorists

    How do you rehabilitate radicalised children as young as 7? Insight gains access to a centre housing children from the 2018 Surabaya bombings.
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    Commentary: Who bears responsibility for the children of Islamic State?

    Dealing with issues of nationality is particularly tricky when it comes to orphans of Islamic State fighters, say Lowy institute's Dr Rodger ...
  3. Self-radicalised Singaporeans video thumbnail
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    2 Singaporeans who got back on the 'right track' after radicalisation | VIDEO

    One wanted to take up arms in jihad, the other was ready to die fighting ISIS - but after being detained under Singapore's Internal Security Act, ...
  4. Indonesia bombings

    Commentary: Don't win the battle against terrorism but lose the war on radicalisation

    Indonesia's counter-terrorism strategy has been successfully in preventing major attacks, even though intolerance has been growing, says one observer.
  5. Islamic State fighter from Singapore video screengrab

    Commentary: Radicalisation not a threat that can be flushed out

    Despite the fall of Islamic State and the recapture of Marawi, countering radicalism in Singapore just got more complex, say two RSIS security ...
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    Commentary: Lessons in unmasking the exclusivist ideology in terrorist networks

    Ideology that offers simple answers to complex issues in an uncertain world make extremism attractive. Moderates need to develop ...
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    Individuals in Singapore being radicalised at faster pace: Shanmugam

    There were 18 radicalised Singaporeans arrested in the past two years, a increase from the 11 nabbed between 2007 and 2014, the Home Affairs and ...