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  1. Hero-Hilton Hari-Raya-Iftar-meals

    ‘Tulang’ casserole and nasi lemak pizza: 10 iftar meal ideas after a long day of fasting

    Hungry after a long day of fasting? Here are some delicious offerings for when it’s time to break fast this Ramadan.
  2. Spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Istanbul

    Turkey adds curbs for Ramadan as COVID-19 surges

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday (Apr 13) announced new restrictions for the first two weeks of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan to ...
  3. Carousel Royal Plaza on Scotts resume buffet

    The buffet experience is back in Singapore, just in time for Ramadan iftar

    Two popular Orchard Road hotels with halal buffets – Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts and Straits Kitchen at Grand Hyatt Singapore – have resumed ...
  4. Virus Outbreak Ramadan

    Muslims navigate restrictions in the second Ramadan amid COVID-19 pandemic

    For Ramadan this year, Magdy Hafez has been longing to reclaim a cherished ritual: Performing the nighttime group prayers called taraweeh at the ...