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  1. (dp) TP Car Lite 6

    Low-income and owning a car. Why?

    A good proportion of the bottom 20 per cent of households have a car, but should they? Talking Point investigates.
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    Is Yishun jinxed - or merely misunderstood?

    Statistics show that the town might not be the hotbed of crime many may think it is. Talking Point investigates.
  3. TP fertility 2

    Is giving birth a national duty?

    A Talking Point forum on fertility sparks debate among couples and singles over incentives, flexi-work and what will make Singaporeans start a ...
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    30 more pre-schools to have support programme for special needs: Tan Chuan-Jin

    Teaching children to be “completely inclusive” and comfortable around those with disabilities starts early, Minister Tan Chuan-Jin tells programme ...
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    What it would take so that more can spend their last days in dignity

    Aggressive hospital treatments, fear of talking about death and lack of support are keeping many from having the end-of-life experience that they ...