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  1. Talking Point - essential worker
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    Ep 7: Are Our Essential Workers Underappreciated?

    They've been verbally and even physically abused. As tempers flare and patience run out, Talking Point takes a look at what our Essential Workers ...
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    Ep 6: Circuit Breaker: Can We Help The Vulnerable?

    The worldwide rise in domestic abuse cases is said to be the new COVID-19 crisis. Singapore is no exception – calls for help have increased by up ...
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    Ep 5: Can My Child Really Learn From Home?

    Home Based Learning has finally come to an end.  What worked? What didn’t? Diana Ser tracked three families across a span of nearly four weeks, to ...
  4. CNA+: Talking Point: Can My Child Really Learn From Home
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    CNA+: Talking Point: Can My Child Really Learn From Home

    A bite-size version of what you have missed on "Asia First".
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    Ep 4: Which Cooking Oil Is Best For Me?

    From palm, canola, sunflower and now even olive, coconut and macadamia! People are cooking with so many different types of oil. But which ones are ...
  6. TP - foreign worker dormitory
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    Ep 2: Foreign Worker Dormitories Amid Covid-19: Are We Doing Enough?

    Dormitories housing tens of thousands of migrant workers have been locked down due to an outbreak of COVID-19. How worried should we be? And is ...
  7. TP ep1 - The Flu
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    Ep 1: Are We Underestimating The Flu?

    While everyone is in a panic about COVID-19, there's another deadly virus many people are forgetting about: The Flu. Globally, the World Health ...
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    Ep 43: How Safe Are Our Vegetables?

    90% of the food we eat is imported – including our vegetables. But what if we were eating vegetables that bypassed safety checks? In this episode, ...
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    Ep 42: How Dirty Are Our Hands?

    Handwashing has become the most important defense in the fight against the COVID - 19 outbreak. But what are our hands touching, that is causing ...