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  1. Nahamage 2

    Japanese 'demon' festival grapples with blessing and curse of UNESCO listing

    UNESCO's registering Namahage as a cultural property last year has given new life to the colourful tradition. But experts say it doesn't guarantee ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Visitors cross an artificial stream on stones in front of lanterns during the Seoul Lan

    North, South Korea join hands to get wrestling on UN culture list

    A full peace deal between North and South Korea may remain elusive, but the neighbors took a cultural step forward on Monday when they joined ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Children walk on the ruins of their destroyed house in the old city of Mosul

    Mosul reconstruction to give UNESCO window to revive fortunes

    The United Nations' cultural agency wants to use the reconstruction of Iraq's second city Mosul as a way to restore its credibility and show how a ...
  4. Hawker Chan char siew

    Commentary: UNESCO listing may lift hawker culture but saving it is a different challenge

    The bid to list Singapore hawkers may help preserve hawker culture as a distinctive expression of Singapore’s customs but continued efforts are ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: A general view shows an area affected by the eruption of the Fuego volcano in San Migue

    Tally of missing from Guatemala 'Fire' volcano explosion hits 332

    One month after Guatemala's Fuego volcano violently erupted, killing more than 100 people, the country's disaster agency has raised the number of ...
  6. Seonamsa temple

    UNESCO lists Korean mountain Buddhist temples as World Heritage sites

  7. FILE PHOTO: A barman pours a glass of Beaujolais Nouveau wine in a bistrot in Paris

    As numbers fall, Paris seeks UNESCO help for classic bistros

    It might seem like there are two on every corner in Paris, but old-style bistros and street cafes are dying out to such an extent that a movement ...
  8. Nazca lines orca Peru

    Archaeologists discover new geoglyphs near Nazca Lines in Peru