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  1. People exit the beach as Miami-Dade County restricts access to public beaches in order to prevent t

    Florida sees COVID-19 cases spike to new daily record

    Florida's confirmed coronavirus cases rose by a record 11,458 on Saturday, the state's health department said, the second time in three days that ...
  2. US President Donald Trump arrives for the Independence Day

    Trump blasts 'left wing cultural revolution' at Mount Rushmore

    President Donald Trump on Friday railed against "angry mobs" that tried to tear down statues of Confederate leaders and other historical figures, ...
  3. U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan is seen during its visit to Hong Kong

    US sends carriers to South China Sea during Chinese drills

    The United States is sending two aircraft carriers into the South China Sea at the same time as China is conducting military exercises in the ...
  4. Audrey Strauss, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York announces charg

    Alleged Jeffrey Epstein accomplice being held at 'well-run' jail: Lawyers

    Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein, is being detained at a New Hampshire jail where she is likely separated from other ...
  5. Aurora Police officers reenact a chokehold near a memorial to Elijah McClain

    Colorado police officers fired after photos mocking death of black man surface

    Three Colorado police officers were fired and a fourth resigned after they shared photographs they took of themselves re-enacting a chokehold ...
  6. U.S. President Trump tours Apple Computer plant in Austin, Texas

    Commentary: Trump’s work visa suspension may wind up as self-sabotage

    The dispute over work visas is merely the latest – and arguably highest-stake – fight between Silicon Valley and the Trump administration, says ...
  7. Members of Britain's cabinet meet at Downing Street in London

    COVID-19: England puts United States on 'red-list', will quarantine arrivals

    Passengers arriving into England from the United States will not be exempted from quarantine rules, Britain's transport minister Grant Shapps said ...
  8. Senate HELP Committee's update on COVID-19 and progress toward safely getting back to work and

    COVID-19 vaccines to enter late-stage trial by end of July: Fauci

    COVID-19 vaccine candidates will enter late-stage clinical studies by the end of the month, with others beginning in August, September and ...