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  1. Vice chairman of World Cat Federation Albert Kurkowski presents first title to the cat of Nguyen Xu

    Fancy felines: Vietnam hosts its first ever cat show in Hanoi

    The country introduced a ban on eating cats in 2018 and the show was a chance to raise awareness among people.
  2. Facebook's latest move to curb manipulation removed dozens of accounts linked to Russian

    Facebook purges more accounts linked to Russia in new crackdown

    Facebook said Wednesday it purged dozens of accounts linked to Russian military intelligence in the latest effort to root out manipulation and ...
  3. A well-equipped, well-staffed football academy as at the centre of Vietnam's strategy

    Giggs, Scholes and instant noodles: Vietnam takes pot-shot at World Cup

    After a career that began in instant noodles, Vietnam's richest man knows all about long shots, and now he's taking another: trying to get the ...