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Beyond the Viral Video

03:06 Min
Beyond the Viral Video

Beyond the Viral Video - S1: Why Cats Make More Viral Videos Than Dogs

17 Dec 2020 12:54pm
Which would you choose, feline friends or canine companions? As pets, dogs outnumber cats by 100 million. However, cat videos generate almost four times more views online than dog videos. Why does this happen?
About the Show

Dogs, cats, babies, TikTok trends… we scroll through them mindlessly. But what if viral videos are doing more to our world than we realise?

In episode one, we examine the propagator-in-chief of silly viral videos - TikTok. It has gained traction in at least 140 countries, but why would a platform for dumb videos suddenly get the attention of political leaders in the United States and India? Is there more to TikTok than we presume?

In episode two, we turn our attention to the most 'harmless' videos out there - animals and kids. We watch them for giggles, sometimes to be amazed. But are these video as harmless as they seem to be? We explore the dark side of viral videos and the science behind why we share them. 

In the final episode, we follow up on the ordinary folks after they've struck Internet fame. How long does the glitter last? What happens after?

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