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Don't Make Us Invisible

22:34 Min
Don't Make Us Invisible

Don't Make Us Invisible - S1E5: My Ambition

23 Mar 2018 10:00am
Bus driver, Benjamin, dreams of driving up interest in the job, while restaurant manager, Saravannan, faces his final day in a role he loves. In the final episode, our invisible heroes reveal their ambitions for the future.
About the Show

You see them every day. 

The bus driver on your commute to work… the cleaner in your office… the construction workers labouring away. Seemingly unimportant guys with seemingly simple professions.

But do you really see them? 

What does it take to do the work they do? Do they ever get bored? Do they ever wish for anything else? And what if they didn’t exist… what would our lives be like? 

Many of these crucial individuals are more often not, the most invisible in our society.  In this ambitious series, we tackle social invisibility by telling their stories. We spend time with them in and outside of work, meet their families, and reveal the life behind the job.

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