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In Search Of The Frog Boys

45:50 Min
In Search Of The Frog Boys

In Search Of The Frog Boys - S1E2: Bones And Bullets

18 Nov 2019 09:55am
In episode 2, the bones of the five boys are finally found. The authorities come up with an unconvincing theory. Why are they not investigating what everyone is talking about?
About the Show

In 1991, South Korea is preoccupied with its first democratic elections in 30 years. But in a village in Daegu, 5 fathers are facing their worst nightmare. Five young boys go on a romp in the mountains. They never return.

At first, the media is too caught up with the elections to cover this as news, and the local police treat it as a runaway case – until it attracts attention on a TV show. Soon the “frog boys” become national news. But with no credible leads, the wait turns out to be a long one.

A decade later, the bodies are found near a military shooting range. But to this day, the case has never been fully investigated.

In this special, the fathers of the missing boys recount the events from the day the boys go missing, to the conspiracy theories and bizarre twists and turns in the ensuing years.

At its heart, this is the story of 5 heartbroken parents and their missing children. But it also tells the wider story of societal changes over 3 decades.

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