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Make It Work

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Make It Work

Make It Work - S1E1: Surviving as a food delivery rider in Singapore & Hong Kong

13 Aug 2021 12:08pm

What does being a food delivery rider in Singapore and in Hong Kong have in common? Long hours, tough weather, bad luck. The stories of two retrenched PMETs who did what it took to get by.

About the Show

CNA tracks three individuals in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore, as the global jobs crisis wreaks havoc in their lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Hong Kong, Alba loses her job as an air stewardess, forcing her to eke out a living making food deliveries. She hustles to find other options, while holding on to her dream of becoming a pilot.

In Bangkok, as borders close, and clients dry up, Air is sacked from her job as a business development director. She scrambles to set up a business selling chilli paste. But as she struggles to stay afloat, she keeps a brave face to stop her aged parents from worrying.

In Singapore, retrenchment forces Daryll to enter a new sector despite a steep pay cut. With a newborn and a condo to pay for, Daryll takes on part-time work. But the long hours take a toll on his body and force him to miss the key moments in his son’s life. 

Witness up close how a pandemic and the measures to fight it, touch the lives of ordinary people in three Asian cities.

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