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One Day That Changed Asia

46:42 Min
One Day That Changed Asia

One Day That Changed Asia - S1E5: Tokyo’s Sarin Scars

03 Feb 2020 10:00pm

Tokyo, March 20, 1995. Subway commuters begin to choke and collapse. They've been poisoned with sarin gas. Disciples of an obscure New Religion have decided they need to kill all of humanity to save mankind. How did this happen and why?

About the Show

In just one day, a whole world can be transformed. An act of terror can bring neighbours to the edge of war; a religious movement can attempt to poison thousands on a subway; a natural disaster can contaminate the soil, earth and air for generations; and traditional religious rivalry can suddenly burst into violence and change the future of a country.

In this series, we look at how the two Koreas’ game of brinkmanship in the 1980s resulted in a plane crash that reverberates to this day. In Japan, some 10 years after a nuclear reactor goes into meltdown, the government is trying to do the unprecedented - repopulate whole towns in Fukushima. 

A terrifying poison gas attack on the Tokyo subway system exposes years of official failure to prevent a new religion mutating into a murderous cult. 

And in Indonesia, an unprecedented natural disaster all but destroys a society but also triggers an end to a bitter civil war.  

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