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Write Of Passage

08:14 Min
Write Of Passage

Write Of Passage - S1E1: Mum learns English to help 11-year-old daughter with spelling

28 Oct 2021 10:17pm

“If people laugh at my English,” she says, she’ll laugh first - maybe then it won’t hurt so much. At 35, Xiao Ling wants to learn to read and write so she can help her daughter with school work.

About the Show

Imagine texting your crush, and she thinks you’re stupid because you misspelt all the words. Or going to the MRT station, and losing your way because you can't read the signs. How about trying to give your daughter a spelling test, but unable to read the words out loud?

These are the real stories of people in Singapore who struggle to read and write in English, well into adulthood.

How did they fall through the cracks, growing up with a world-class education system? And how did they end up being a hidden minority with few avenues to turn to for help?

Diana Ser gathers 5 of these Singaporeans, and give them the expert help they need over three months. This motley crew include a young engineer, an ex-gang member, a stroke victim, a hotel staffer who speaks fluent English and a mother concerned that her illiteracy is affecting her daughter.

Join them on a heartwarming journey as they set out to conquer the tasks we take for granted – from writing a love letter to singing an English song.

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