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John Duerden

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Tokyo Olympics Skateboarding

    Commentary: Five new sports were added to Tokyo Olympics. Here’s what might be included next

    The Olympics has a long and storied history. It has been accused of having bloated budgets and catering to money rather than sports. But exactly ...
  2. The Olympic torch is being carried on a nationwide relay across Japan

    Commentary: Toned-down Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony can set new standard for future games

    The hope is the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony will be a humble reminder of what the games are truly about rather than a wasteful display of ...
  3. South Korea China Tokyo Olympics Soccer

    Commentary: Olympic football matters more than most people think – at least for Asian teams

    Although the UEFA World Cup and the European Championships are more prestigious competitions in the football sporting calendar, the Olympics is ...
  4. Britain England Italy Euro 2020 Soccer

    Commentary: Are penalty shootouts the best way to decide major tournaments like Euro 2020?

    England’s loss in the Euro 2020 final to Italy through spot-kicks may seem cruel but the alternatives could be even less tenable, says John Duerden.
  5. Johor crown prince lost weight

    Commentary: Johor playing in the Singapore Premier League – does it make sense?

    Exploring greater exchanges with Malaysian football could be sensible but any such collaboration has to be for the benefit of football in both ...
  6. F1 race Singapore GP

    Commentary: Singapore’s hosting of F1 Grand Prix – time to reconsider?

    The F1’s elite stature appeals to a narrow fanbase, and benefits from hosting it seem to diminish the longer the race goes on, says John Duerden.
  7. Manchester United fans protest against their owners before the Manchester United v Liverpool Premie

    Commentary: Have we seen the end of Man Utd fans’ wrath?

    Fans of big clubs in England, ignored for so long by rich and remote owners, have suddenly found their voice, says writer John Duerden.
  8. Protest (2) - A sign trailed by a plane flying over Elland Road before the match between Leeds and

    Commentary: Why were we shocked by the breakaway Super League? Football’s been dying for a while

    Many have come out to denounce the newly announced European Super League as greedy and ambitious, but their hands are not clean either, says John ...
  9. Britain Soccer Premier League

    Commentary: The English Premier League and European football have a disgusting racism problem

    Football authorities have pointed out that racism in the game reflects racism in society but the sport could work harder to become more inclusive, ...
  10. Singapore football national team

    Commentary: Can football deliver Singapore its sporting pride?

    The recently announced dream of Singapore qualifying for the 2034 World Cup is welcomed but John Duerden questions if it is both necessary and ...