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  1. Bangladeshi migrant worker Joy Sudip Bhadro set up the only vocational institute in his hometown.

    Inspired by Singapore’s education system, Bangladeshi migrant worker starts polytechnic

    He was unable to complete high school, but Joy Sudip Bhadro’s eye-opening experience here led to a ‘crazy’ dream come true in his hometown. His ...
  2. Ben Arman calls himself a jack of all trades, from electrical to plumbing to miscellaneous repairs.

    ‘You’re paying for my experience, not my labour’: The handyman trying to earn his keep

    If there’s something wrong with your home fixtures, who are you going to call? Benjamin Arman, for one, isn’t afraid of choked toilets, but what ...
  3. The Singaporean handyman and his Malaysian family
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    The Singaporean handyman and his Malaysian family

    Benjamin Arman fixes your leaky taps and broken doors in Singapore. The sacrifice he makes to support his family of 5? Being separated from them ...
  4. a new start for us thumbnail
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    A new start for us: Helping a scared pre-schooler and her mum

    Struggling already to care for her diabetic grandma and two daughters, the last thing Yasmin needed was a child so scared of pre-school that she ...
  5. MCI KidSTART main

    Too scared for pre-school: A young mum’s struggle with her daughter’s fears

    Forced to pull her girl out of childcare when she couldn’t adapt, and struggling to care for her family, things were looking rough for Yasmin – ...
  6. This Yishun cleaner and his two families
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    This Yishun cleaner and his two families

    In Yishun, town council cleaners like Hanif don’t just keep the estate clean – they’re family too. This is the story of one young man, his two ...
  7. Mohammed Hanif has worked in Singapore for 13 years now.

    Yishun cleaner makes sacrifices for a better tomorrow, gets support for a better today

    In the estate he cleans, Mohammed Hanif is not just any foreign worker but a friend, and even family. It has made a big difference to a young man ...
  8. Refugees and their Malaysian dream
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    Refugees and their Malaysian dream

    There are more than 160,000 refugees registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Malaysia. After fleeing places like ...
  9. Mr Yeo Siak Eing is fondly known as Ah Gong to residents.

    ‘Ah Gong’ of Eunos: Elderly peddler brings a community together in spirit of giving

    He earns little, but still gives to others, and even gives his goods away for free to those who can’t afford to pay. It’s this 74-year-old’s gift ...
  10. Ah Gong's spirit of giving: Eunos' elderly peddler
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    Ah Gong's spirit of giving: Eunos' elderly peddler

    This Christmas, know that the spirit of giving lives in those we sometimes don't expect. Meet the 74-year-old peddler of Eunos who is bringing a ...