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  1. A1 food insecurity 32

    Why in a cheap food paradise, some Singaporeans are still going hungry

    A cleaner unable to work, a family with a 4-room flat, a single dad in debt – those experiencing food insecurity are more diverse than you think.
  2. Going Hungry In Singapore, A Cheap Food Paradise
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    Going Hungry In Singapore, A Cheap Food Paradise

    Singapore is famous for its cheap hawker food, including the cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world. Why does hunger, or food insecurity, ...
  3. Feeding The Hungry, And How To Do It Better | Special Report, Part 2/2
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    Feeding The Hungry, And How To Do It Better | Special Report, Part 2/2

    In a 2018 paper, at least 125 food assistance groups were identified in Singapore. Yet, there are folks in need who still get infrequent or no ...
  4. A2 food insecurity 23

    Pulling together in creative ways, to better feed food insecure Singaporeans

    There are over a hundred food assistance groups helping the needy. But why are good intentions sometimes falling short of meeting needs – and can ...
  5. food charities coronavirus 11

    ‘Not enough manpower to get food to people in need’: Food charities hit as coronavirus measures ramped up

    Groups that help feed families in need have seen most volunteers drop out. And they worry about the impact of panic-buying on the flow of food ...
  6. Integration Abhishek and fruit stall couple

    He learnt Mandarin to better understand Singaporean culture: A migrant entrepreneur's journey

    He loves bantering with hawkers, and singing Teresa Teng love songs at karaoke. But when Abhishek Agrawal arrived from India nine years ago, he ...
  7. stuffd free food for kids 1

    He went hungry as a teen. Now Stuff’d boss is feeding kids who can’t afford a meal

    For a year, he had one meal a day and quaffed water to keep hunger at bay. It’s why Adrian Ang started a programme to give free meals to more than ...