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  1. (ct) USS Carl Vinson yoga with view

    In photos: From yoga to brunch, life on the USS Carl Vinson supercarrier

    When you have about 5,000 folks spending up to six months at sea on a nuclear-powered vessel of war, how do you maintain a sense of normal life?
  2. FILE PHOTO: U.S. aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in the Pacific Ocean

    USS Carl Vinson makes historic visit to Vietnam in 'routine' port call

    The first visit by a US aircraft carrier in four decades is "not of military focus", but will see "cultural exchanges" between local experts and ...
  3. rumah solehah 13

    The matron who heals with tough love, in her shelter for those with HIV

    To care for HIV-positive women who have been shunned by their families and stigmatised by Malaysian society, this CNA Insider InspirAsian gave up ...
  4. VHR CNY duck two

    Two CNY dishes to impress your guests: Celestial duck and fried chicken skin pancake

    While everyone else is making the obligatory pencai or roast pork, here are two traditional - but unique and seldom-made - recipes that will make ...
  5. VHR CNY tang bee leng 6

    Can you spot the ‘fake’ mushroom? A homecook’s pro tips on shopping for Chinese New Year delicacies

    From why waxed meat isn’t actually waxed, to choosing the right fungus, 67-year-old blogger Tang Bee Leng gives a Chinatown crash course on ...
  6. Bee Leng's 8-treasure celestial duck: A unique Chinese New Year recipe
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    Bee Leng's 8-treasure celestial duck: A unique Chinese New Year recipe

    Forget the usual roast or stewed duck this Chinese New Year - learn how to make this stuffed version that's a beloved family recipe. More ...
  7. How to buy Chinese New Year delicacies
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    How to buy Chinese New Year delicacies

    Is waxed meat really waxed? What should to include in your reunion dinner to possibly bring luck? If you find shopping for traditional Chinese New ...
  8. inspirasian kembara 7

    United, they feed Malaysia's hungry: The kitchen where race and creed don't matter

    From struggling single parents to wealthy datuks, this group of CNA Insider InspirAsians – who come from across the country – all have something ...
  9. Unity kitchen: Rallying to help feed Malaysia's hungry
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    Unity kitchen: Rallying to help feed Malaysia's hungry

    "When I do charity, I don't look at the colour of the skin. I don't look at the religion. We help as humans," says Peter. From struggling single ...
  10. (ct) VHS Bugis 4 (1)

    Recipes from a different time: The Bugis art of slow and lemak cooking

    What makes Bugis home-cooking distinct from the standard Singaporean Malay fare? Madam Milah Bakri shows CNA Insider three dishes, in this ...