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  1. Fashion retail owner Elsie Szto is still fighting to keep her boutique alive — online.

    Surviving recession: I lost my shop after 16 years. But my fashion business isn’t dead yet

    Elsie Szto, who’s in her 50s, saw her boutique go from thriving in the CBD to slumping in a virtual ghost town. She’s one of 12 Singaporeans who ...
  2. Surviving Recession THE Dance Company video thumbnail
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    No audience? How a dance company gets creative to find one online

    What would you do, as a dance company, if every show you staged lost you more money? Only 15% of your online audience is willing to pay; and in ...
  3. COVID-19 dealt a big blow to the T.H.E Dance Company. But its dancers hung on.

    Despite struggling to draw digital audiences, a dance company persists in the pandemic

    A year ago, the circuit breaker seemed the final nail in the coffin of the T.H.E Dance Company. But its founder has defied the odds so far. He ...
  4. Elsie thumbnail
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    I lost my boutique - now I’m fighting to keep it alive online

    “You have to go.” When recession hit and her landlord ended her lease without warning, Elsie had to shutter her boutique in the CBD. But she ...
  5. Retrenched and starting over at 50
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    Retrenched and starting over at 50

    When 50-year-old Malliga got laid off from her dream job at Changi Airport, she wasn't sure how she'd survive in a changed job market. But her ...
  6. Malliga at Changi Airport

    Retrenched from her Changi Airport job, she’s making a career switch at 50 – to healthcare

    With family bills to pay, and 14 years since she’d last had to look for a job, Malliga wasn’t sure how she’d survive in a changed job market. At ...
  7. For months, Margaret Anthony looked for jobs via just one job portal. Then she reworked her strategy

    No jobs for a fresh grad? She discovered it’s not true — if you learn how to tap the opportunities

    She didn’t get any responses to her job applications, which made design student Margaret Anthony worry that her skills weren’t ‘good enough’. Then ...
  8. rumah solehah 13

    The matron who heals with tough love, in her shelter for those with HIV

    To care for HIV-positive women who have been shunned by their families and stigmatised by Malaysian society, this CNA Insider InspirAsian gave up ...
  9. (ct) youth mental health 1

    IN FOCUS: The challenges young people face in seeking mental health help

    Suicide continues to be the leading cause of death for youths, with a total of 71 people aged 20 to 29 taking their own lives last year. CNA looks ...