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  1. Singapore Airlines plane takes off from Zurich airport

    Commentary: We must save Singapore Airlines from this existential crisis

    Amid questions concerning how much more Singapore Airlines may have to lay off staff and cut costs, NUS Business School Associate Professor Nitin ...
  2. Jewel Changi Airport exterior

    Commentary: Airlines have it bad with COVID-19 but airports have it worse

    Hub airports like Singapore’s Changi Airport and Dubai International Airport, in particular, may not recover that quickly, says Nitin Pangarkar.
  3. A Singapore Airlines plane sits on the tarmac at Singapore's Changi Airport

    Commentary: Bitter truths for Singapore Airlines about this aviation industry crash

    There’s no escaping the need for a healthy balance sheet, diversifying revenue sources and rethinking frequent fleet renewal, says Nitin Pangarkar.
  4. Dyson logo is seen on one of company's products presented during an event in Beijing

    Commentary: Car-making just doesn’t quite gel with future trends

    Greater urbanisation, changing consumer preferences of a millennial generation and the emergence of a subscription economy is making car ownership ...
  5. Malaysia Airlines landing

    Commentary: Has embattled national carrier Malaysia Airlines seen the last of its glory days?

    Malaysia Airlines’ value as a national carrier may be overstated, says NUS Business School’s Nitin Pangarkar.
  6. google search bar

    Commentary: Help, I love tech monopolies!

    A longtime user of Google, NUS Business School’s Nitin Pangarkar says Google’s monopoly might actually be a phenomenon society ought to embrace.
  7. Hyflux Singapore

    Commentary: The fall of once-great Hyflux, a unicorn in the Singapore story

    There is a good possibility that many bondholders will lose most of their investments in Hyflux and the company will at most exist in a reduced ...
  8. grab app

    Commentary: With Grab’s super app ambitions, who will it eat for lunch?

    After buying over rival Uber’s operations in Southeast Asia, Grab is poised to expand into more services but will it come at a cost to consumers?
  9. New Content Item

    Commentary: oBike’s closure, a cautionary tale about poorly conceived business ideas

    oBike's closure shows that in times of euphoria, poorly conceived ideas may get funded and survive for some time, but they will meet their fate ...
  10. New Content Item

    Commentary: When Go-Jek enters Singapore, what consumers, drivers and delivery services can expect

    Go-Jek had announced plans in May to enter Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries in the next few months. NUS Business School’s Nitin ...