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  1. Nick Kyrgios put his country's bushfire disaster behind him to win in the Australian Open first

    Tennis: Bushfire crisis cools notorious Kyrgios temper

    Australia's Nick Kyrgios put his country's bushfire disaster behind him and gave home fans something to cheer about with a first-round win at the ...
  2. KFC logo is seen in restaurant in Warsaw

    KFC apologises for 'sexist' Australian ad: Report

    KFC apologized for an advertisement in Australia that shows two young boys staring at a woman's breasts, after calls from a local campaign group ...
  3. Peter Davis, owner of Island Beehive, locks Ligurian beehives to prepare them for transport on Kang

    Australian bushfires scathe sanctuary for rare bee species

    Bees swarm around Peter Davis as he unloads his precious, buzzing cargo into their new home in a part of South Australia's Kangaroo Island that ...
  4. Storm clouds over Sydney Harbour gave some relief  after weeks of intense bushfires

    Weather 'merry-go-round' poses new risks for fire-ravaged Australia

    A "merry-go-round" of extreme weather was hampering efforts by firefighters in Australia to tackle unprecedented bushfires that have killed at ...
  5. Social media image of smoky skies due to wild bushfires in Melbourne

    Tennis: Sports need to do more to combat climate change - lobby group

    The bushfire smoke that hampered the buildup to the Australian Open highlights the need for Tennis Australia to be doing much more to combat ...
  6. australia dust storm

    Dust storms and giant hail batter bushfire-weary Australia

    "Apocalyptic" dust storms swept across drought-stricken areas of Australia over the weekend, with thunder and giant hail battering the east coast, ...
  7. Bushfires in Kangaroo Island, Australia

    Australia's flame-scarred Kangaroo Valley calls for tourists to return

    Hard-hit businesses in Australia's blaze-ravaged Kangaroo Valley are calling for tourists to return now that the wildfires are under control, and ...
  8. Australia's bushfires have swept through an area larger than Portugal

    Threatened species hit hard by Australia's bushfires

    Australia's bushfires have burned more than half the known habitat of 100 threatened plants and animals, including 32 critically endangered ...