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  1. Around one million Muslim Rohingya live in cramped refugee camps in Bangladesh -- next to their

    Terror at sea: Rohingya migrants tell of 200-day ordeal

    When hundreds of Rohingya refugees paid traffickers to escape their squalid camp in Bangladesh, they were promised a new life in Malaysia after ...
  2. Relatives of a victim of the explosion in a hospital in Dhaka.

    At least 16 killed in Bangladesh mosque gas explosion

    A suspected gas explosion tore through a Bangladesh mosque killing at least 12 people while dozens suffered life-threatening burns, police said ...
  3. A Rohingya shopkeeper sells face masks as a preventative measure against COVID-19 in Kutupalong

    COVID-19 keeps Rohingya indoors on 'genocide' anniversary

    Almost a million Rohingya refugees stuck in Bangladesh mark three years since escaping from Myanmar on Tuesday, with coronavirus forcing them to ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Some Rohingya refugees cling to hope of resettlement

    Remembering the Rohingya exodus

    Carrying bundles of belongings and often barefoot, they trekked for days over western Myanmar's monsoon-drenched mountains, before fording the Naf ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Rohingya refugees carry supplies at Kutupalong refugee camp, near Cox's Bazar

    Timeline: Three years on, a look at the Rohingya crisis

    This month marks the third anniversary of the fleeing of more than 730,000 Rohingya from Myanmar's Rakhine State to Bangladesh after a ...
  6. School girls wear masks as a protective measure after the first reported case of coronavirus in Dha

    Bangladesh ready to trial Indian COVID-19 vaccines

    Bangladesh is ready to hold trials of potential COVID-19 vaccines developed by India and will receive early supplies of any successful candidate, ...
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    Survival: Developing Countries On The Frontline

    Thousands of deaths, crumbling economies and the social fabric of society shattered. Can the developing world survive COVID19?