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  1. At least 10 buses left the camps in the Cox's Bazar region, carrying refugees headed to

    Bangladesh begins transfer of Rohingya to controversial island

    Bangladesh began transferring several hundred Rohingya refugees on Thursday to what the UN and rights groups worry is a dangerous low-lying island ...
  2. Rohingya refugees carry bricks to a construction site at the Balukhali camp

    Bangladesh, against objections, set to move Rohingya refugees to remote island

    Bangladesh has begun preparations to move thousands of Rohingya refugees to a remote island off its coast, officials said on Wednesday, despite ...
  3. Bangladesh's largest shipyard is busier than ever, despite the global pandemic

    COVID-19 pandemic no setback for Bangladesh's soaring ship industry

    Work is booming at Bangladesh's largest shipyard -- quite literally. It's difficult to hear anything over the cacophony of banging hammers and ...
  4. A transgender person holds a national flag during a 2014 rally in Bangladesh

    Transgender people to gain inheritance rights in Bangladesh

    Transgender people will soon be able to inherit property from their families, Bangladesh's law minister said Sunday, the latest effort to give the ...
  5. Cricket - Bangladesh v England - Second Test cricket match

    Bangladesh skipper Mominul tests positive for coronavirus

    Bangladesh test captain Mominul Haque has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the Bangladesh Cricket Board's chief physician said on Tuesday.
  6. Rohingyas still struggling to be repatriated | Video
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    Rohingyas still struggling to be repatriated | Video

    Some Rohingyas stuck in No Man's Land between Bangladesh and Myanmar claim the repatriation process is a sham. They say Myanmar is only interested ...