bird flu

bird flu

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    Iran reports H5N8 bird flu in backyard poultry - OIE

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    China confirms two H5N6 bird flu outbreaks in Yunnan province

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    China reports new H5N6 bird flu outbreak in Hunan province

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    Russia reports severe bird flu outbreak - OIE

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    Malaysia reports H5N1 bird flu outbreak on farm - OIE

  6. Dutch poultry farmers have been hit by another outbreak of bird flu

    Netherlands confirms highly pathogenic H5N6 bird flu outbreak

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    Bird flu pours new misery on Dutch poultry farmers

  8. Free-ranging chickens

    Chickens in Pasir Ris culled to better manage bird flu risk: MND

    Following feedback from residents on the presence of significant numbers of free-roaming chickens in Sungei Api Api, AVA did a check and found ...