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  1. Defendants Mario S and Andreas V arrive for their trial at the district court in Detmold

    2 jailed for over a decade in German campsite child abuse case

  2. How survivors of child sexual abuse find hope and recovery

    Commentary: ‘They don’t deserve to take so much away from me’ – how survivors of child sexual abuse find hope, recovery

    We need to break down the barriers that hinder victims from revealing their abuses, says AWARE’s Laika Jumabhoy.
  3. Louise Turpin attorney John Moore and David Turpin are seated during a preliminary hearing in River

    US couple faces sentencing in severe child abuse case

  4. FILE PHOTO: Man types on computer keyboard in this illustration picture

    Finnish police uncover child abuse video network

  5. file photo child abuse belt threaten

    Tokyo to ban parents from physically punishing children: Reports