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  1. Last month, advocacy and legal aid group International Justice Mission (IJM) warned Philippine

    Keyboard predators: Southeast Asia's kids targeted by online paedophiles

    Southeast Asia is in the grip of a fresh surge of paedophile activity with predators orchestrating and watching abuse on live-streaming sites and ...
  2. Louise Turpin attorney John Moore and David Turpin are seated during a preliminary hearing in River

    US couple faces sentencing in severe child abuse case

  3. FILE PHOTO: Man types on computer keyboard in this illustration picture

    Finnish police uncover child abuse video network

  4. file photo child abuse belt threaten

    Tokyo to ban parents from physically punishing children: Reports

  5. Generic preschool image. Photo: TODAY

    Commentary: Does caning still have a place in modern-day parenting?

    We live in an era where the cane and other authoritarian methods of discipline have been called into question, says mum June Yong.
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    Friday report cards tied to higher risk of child abuse