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  1. Insight FY2021 ep 35
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    Ep 35: Asia's Sinking Cities: Ho Chi Minh City

    Climate change has threatened to erase major cities in Vietnam, including its biggest metropolis, Ho Chi Minh City. Can the city survive a looming ...
  2. 30 Jan 2021
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    Ep 31: CNA Correspondent: Climate Change - Farmers’ Fight

    Extreme weather conditions have hurt the agriculture industry globally. Many are relying on government to take action, some individuals or groups ...
  3. Insight FY2021 ep 20
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    Ep 20: India's Climate Disaster

    Can India mitigate the adverse impact of climate change without jeopardising its economic growth?
  4. Man rests outside a flooded shop after heavy rainfall led to flooding in Quzhou

    China braces for more rainstorms over weekend, climate change blamed

    Rainstorms are expected for large parts of China over the weekend, the state weather bureau said on Friday, forecasting of even more extreme ...
  5. Red foxes roam amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions in the Israeli city of Ashkelon

    Commentary: The wonder of clear skies and returning wildlife is our new climate problem

    The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t really halted climate change but gives the world a timely opportunity to do so, says Winston Chow.
  6. Composite climate change

    Commentary: Things you love that are being wrecked by climate change

    Use this list as motivation to think, talk, and act in response to climate change, says an observer.
  7. Fishermen carry a boat to higher ground in Baybay, eastern Samar

    Tropical storm ruins Christmas for thousands of Filipinos

    Typhoon Phanfone smashed into the central Philippines on Tuesday (Dec 24), leaving thousands of people unable to get home for the Christmas ...
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    Commentary: Extreme weather doesn't change the minds of climate change doubters

    Climate change coverage and messages are sending sceptics in the opposite direction, Ryan Weber, a professor at the University of Alabama points out.