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  1. The Han river burst its banks in some places, causing flooding in South Korea

    North Korea on flood alert as heavy rain kills 16 in South

    Days of heavy rain could cause flooding or landslides across North Korea, officials warned, as the South said Thursday 16 people had died in the ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Flood-affected villagers disembark a boat after they reached a safer place at Kachua vi

    Floods, COVID-19 hobble two of India's poorest states

    Floods caused by heavy monsoon rains in two of India's poorest states have displaced or affected 8 million people and killed 111 since May, ...
  3. Soldiers of the PLA evacuate residents stranded by floodwaters with a boat in Luan

    China evacuates thousands after floods threaten villages

    China has evacuated thousands of residents after a landslide blocked a river and created a barrier lake that threatened to submerge neighbouring ...
  4. At least 81 people have died in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh faces further flood crisis in monsoon-hit South Asia

    Deadly flooding will persist in Bangladesh for the next 10 days, officials warned Tuesday, as South Asia battles torrential monsoon rains which ...
  5. Dams such as the  Xiaolangdi Reservoir in Luoyang, central Henan province, have opened sluice gates

    China blows up dam in eastern province to ease flood risk

    Chinese authorities blew up part of a dam in eastern Anhui province to relieve flood pressure, local media reported, as heavy rains continue to ...
  6. People gather near the bridge that is damaged due to the flood at Raghu Ganga River in Myagdi

    Floods in India, Nepal displace nearly 4 million people, at least 189 dead

    Nearly four million people in India's northeastern state of Assam and neighbouring Nepal have been displaced by heavy flooding from monsoon rains, ...