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  1. British-Channel Island waters provide rich pickings

    The Franco-British fish feud: How it started

    A Franco-British feud over access to prime fishing waters escalated on Thursday as the two countries deployed patrol and navy ships near the ...
  2. Training at Campus Univers Cascade stunt school in northern France

    French stunt school's 'badass' women snapped up by film industry

    Valeriane Michelini trained as a dancer before opting to tap into the growing demand for stuntwomen and a career of jumping out of helicopters, ...
  3. Jersey, a self-governing British Crown dependency off the coast of France, has said it will require

    UK sends Navy ships to Jersey as French fishing row escalates

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday (May 5) sent two Navy patrol vessels to Jersey over concerns that French fishermen could ...
  4. Interview with French Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu

    Outlook positive for French Open and Tour, but caution needed: Minister

    The health situation in France has been improving slightly just ahead of two of the country's flagship sporting events, although late changes are ...
  5. The two cases have sparked fears that Lelandais could be involved in other unsolved disappearances

    Frenchman accused of child's murder on trial for second killing

    A former French soldier who has admitted killing an eight-year-old girl, a case that shook the country nearly four years ago, appeared in court ...