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    Ep 1: A Woman's Role

    Japan is Asia's first industrialised economy, yet it ranks 121, below Angola on the Gender Gap Index. Journalist Yumi Araki returns to Japan to ...
  2. Jang Hye-yeong was among six MPs from the Justice Party elected to parliament in April this year

    Childhood trauma drives equality push by South Korean MP

    When Jang Hye-yeong was 13 the strain of caring for her disabled sister tore her family apart.
  3. Colleagues in the office

    Commentary: If mums are amazing, why do some workplaces discriminate against pregnant women?

    Extending protection even after maternity leave and strengthening wrongful dismissal penalties would be good first steps to making workplaces ...
  4. Raffles Place CBD Singapore (4)

    Women in Singapore earn 6% less than men for similar work: MOM study

  5. Sabrina Ho director of KS Global Group

    Why this veteran recruiter started an online career platform for women in Asia

    A strong belief in encouraging gender diversity and creating more opportunities for women in the workplace drove Sabrina Ho, the director of KS ...
  6. Belinda Lee gets married

    Commentary: What’s wrong with being a single woman?

    Belinda Lee’s wedding is to be celebrated but surely happiness and personal fulfillment must be found from within, rather than a legal attachment ...