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  1. Defiantly facing off against Wall Street's iconic "Charging Bull," the popular bronze

    Women making inroads on Wall Street, but still a long way to go

    Pin-up photos and smutty jokes have long been commonplace on trading floors, but the finance world is gradually opening up to women – underlined ...
  2. 19 Feb 2021
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    Ep 34: Changes During COVID-19

    From burial rituals in Nepal to bloody cockfights in the Philippines and budding e-commerce in Pakistan, COVID-19 continues to change our world.
  3. FILE PHOTO: European Commission President Von Der Leyen holds a news conference on vaccine strategy

    Commentary: Looks like women aren't all superstar leaders in a crisis - which isn't a bad thing

    Female leaders should have the freedom to be as mediocre as any man, says the Financial Times’ Pilita Clark.
  4. National review on women's development in full swing | Video
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    National review on women's development in full swing | Video

    Support networks to ease mothers back into the workforce, and using parenting and childcare leave interchangeably - these are some ideas that have ...
  5. Cho Doo-soon

    Commentary: Why a convicted rapist’s release in South Korea stirs anguish 12 years after the crime

    Cho Doo-soon, the perpetrator of a horrific rape case involving an 8-year-old, was released last week, stirring up public outrage over South ...
  6. New Content Item
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    Ep 1: A Woman's Role

    Japan is Asia's first industrialised economy, yet it ranks 121, below Angola on the Gender Gap Index. Journalist Yumi Araki returns to Japan to ...
  7. Every Woman
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    Every Woman

    A crusade led by fearless women in the 19th and 20th centuries leads to empowered choices, voices and rights for every woman in Singapore.
  8. Couple wearing the same clothes

    Commentary: Why men should care and do more about women’s issues

    The upcoming review of gender issues in Singapore must involve an often overlooked demographic – men – says AWARE member Kristian-Marc James Paul.
  9. Having wine at a gathering

    Commentary: Is drinking the problem in cases of sexual assault?

    Recent cases of sexual assault involving victims who were intoxicated should not excuse perpetrators for abusive behaviour, says AWARE’s Shailey ...
  10. Big Read Oct 4 Gender Inequality in Singapore

    The Big Read: Gender equality in Singapore remains elusive amid entrenched attitudes about women’s roles

    Patriarchal values, and the traditional mindset about gender roles - such as the wife being primarily responsible for matters at home with the ...