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  1. Norway beach handball teams in 2019. (Photo: Twitter)

    Commentary: Why should women’s handball athletes be made to wear bikini bottoms?

    The sexualisation of women athletes, as seen in the recent controversy involving the Norway women’s beach handball team, needs to end, says ...
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    'Accidental ambassador' and Singapore female icon Chan Heng Chee gets personal about her life and work

    She’s a distinguished diplomat with a string of honours to her name. Professor Chan Heng Chee, Ambassador-at-Large at Singapore’s Foreign Affairs ...
  3. Heart of the Matter podcast thumbnail
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    Sexual offences, quotas and serving NS: K Shanmugam speaks frankly about women’s issues

    After launching a series of public engagements on women’s issues in a move towards greater gender equality on Sunday (Sep 20), Home Affairs and ...
  4. father, baby bonding

    Commentary: I wanted to be a better dad but paternity leave wouldn’t have made a difference

    Why is it that so many don’t take paternity leave to help their wives? Father of four Adrian Tan says it boils down to personal attitudes and choice.
  5. hands of father and baby, black and white

    Commentary: What the pandemic taught me about being a better father

    The pandemic has provided a window into my kids’ previously opaque lives and I am all the better father for it, says the Financial Times' Joshua ...
  6. Mother holding baby working from home

    Commentary: The struggle mums in their 30s, 40s face juggling young kids and work is real

    Mums might check out of the workforce or take a backseat at work after judgemental reactions. But it does not have to be this way, says NUS ...
  7. Composite pictures of coverage featuring half-naked men.

    Commentary: What’s with the spate of half-naked men these days?

    From topless male cleaners to a local photographer baring it for a movie role, men without their shirts are grabbing headlines and it reeks of a ...
  8. Ep 5
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    Ep 5: Dying For Love (China)

    60% of female suicides in China stem from domestic violence. Deeply entwined with traditional values and made worse by the COVID-19 lockdowns, ...
  9. Molest 02 crime outrage of modesty - file photo

    Commentary: Singapore’s streets are comparatively safe, but women still face sexual danger

    The streets of Singapore may be safer for women than the streets of London – where Sarah Everard was kidnapped and murdered. But far too many ...