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  1. A flooded street seen at the Supreme Court Lane after a heavy downpour

    Commentary: As time runs out on the climate crisis, Singapore prepares to address the cost of adapting

    The threat of climate change is long term, the size of the investments concerned could be unprecedented and fundamental shifts in how the ...
  2. Pacific island nations are considered some of the world's most vulnerable to climate change

    Some reef islands resilient to climate change: Study

    The Pacific's low-lying reef islands are likely to change shape in response to climate change, rather than simply sinking beneath rising seas and ...
  3. Tens of thousands of young climate activists rallied across Europe demanding urgent action against

    Global warming to slash equivalent of 80 million jobs by 2030: UN

  4. FILE PHOTO: A coal-fired power plant is pictured near a construction site in Beijing

    Commentary: Power plants and poverty - do poor countries pay the price for climate change action?

    The World Bank’s climate focus is at odds with what the world’s poorest citizens want, says economist Bjorn Lomborg.
  5. Bushfires are common in Australia's arid southeast but spread far into the tropical northeast

    Commentary: Guess how many countries are meeting their climate change commitments

    Feel-good promises are easy politics, but they don’t actually help the planet
  6. Scientists warn that as Himalayan glaciers melt, lakes like Imja could swell further and eventually

    Commentary: Melting glaciers in the Himalayan shines uncomfortable spotlight on global warming

    The effect of melting glaciers on the river of Himalayas is just one example of how global warming is reducing our resources, researcher at the ...
  7. A monarch butterfly.

    Commentary: Killer heat waves are killing off insect species

    The natural world depends on insects to function, but they may be the next casualty of climate change, says Professor Bill Laurance from James ...
  8. FILE PHOTO: Penguins walk along a path on Danco Island, Antarctica

    As polar seas heat up, mammals will find less slow, stupid prey

    Global warming will make life harder for mammals and birds hunting in polar seas by perking up fish that were slow, stupid and easy to catch in ...
  9. Virtually all of Australia's shellfish reefs have disappeared, making them the country?s most

    Commentary: The ocean is changing – it’s getting more acidic

    All life on earth will eventually be affected as an increasingly warm and acidic ocean produces less oxygen, The Ocean Foundation President Mark J ...
  10. A white truck on the side of a road as winter approaches.

    Commentary: An awkward conversation about climate change with an Inuit

    We are doing a terrible job of communicating climate change, says one observer.