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  1. FILE PHOTO: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service handout shows the Yukon River in Alaska

    Mercury released by permafrost thaw puts Yukon River fish at risk: Study

    If carbon emissions continue at current rates, so much mercury will leach from thawing permafrost that fish in the Yukon River could become ...
  2. Ep 3 Land
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    Ep 3: Land

    Land use and climate stability are a delicate balancing act. Get it right and you can reduce carbon emissions; but get it wrong, and you can fuel ...
  3. Ep 1 Oceans
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    Ep 2: Oceans

    By 2050, rising sea levels will flood 200 million people’s homes across the globe. For thousands across Asia, this is already a reality. In this ...
  4. Ep 1 Water
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    Ep 1: Water

    By 2025, half the world's population will lack access to fresh water. For millions across Asia, this is already a reality. We spend 24 hours with ...
  5. CNA_Longest_Day_Climate_Change_Sustainability_Global_Warming_Heatwave
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    Ep 4: Heat

    The past five years have been the hottest ever recorded on our planet and global warming is only set to increase. By the end of the century, 75% ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: The spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in London

    Commentary: We lived fine without air conditioning for a very long time

    The ecological design of buildings to keep spaces cool while minimising the use of electricity helped us live without air conditioning for a long ...