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  1. CNA+: Spotlight on the future of farming in Singapore
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    CNA+: Spotlight on the future of farming in Singapore

    A bite-size version of what you have missed on "Asia First".
  2. FILE PHOTO: Smoke rises above a factory at sunset in Rugby

    Global warming could cut credit ratings of more than 60 countries by 2030, study warns

    A new algorithm-based study by a group of UK universities has predicted that 63 countries – roughly half the number rated by the likes of S&P ...
  3. The Climate Conversations podcast thumbnail
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    2 degrees of separation: What’s behind the number in the limit to temperature rise? | EP 29

    In this episode, Jaime Ho talks to Dr Winston Chow about numbers. 2 degrees Celsius is the limit that scientists, activists and governments have ...
  4. Ep 4
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    Ep 4: Our Food Problem

    Dr Janil Puthucheary confronts the toughest challenge so far – getting Singapore to confront how our favourite foods can cause climate change.
  5. Wicked Problem Ep3
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    Ep 3: Our Power Problem

    Energy-hungry yet space-starved, Singapore faces big obstacles in its quest for clean energy to combat climate change. Dr Janil Puthucheary finds ...