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  1. SingPass Mobile app

    Singapore to offer secure identity verification service for companies by Q3

    The trial of lamppost-as-a-platform and expanding the Moments of Life service to other life stages will kick off from the third quarter of this ...
  2. NUS graduates at commencement ceremony

    Students graduating from local schools to receive ‘tamper-resistant’ digital certificates

    The OpenCerts platform uses blockchain technology to provide students with an “easy and reliable way” to issue and validate tamper-resistant ...
  3. GovTech team behind Trashy

    These young engineers want to make recycling a breeze in Singapore

    It’s not always easy to find a recycling or e-waste bin, prompting four GovTech employees to come up with a prototype tool to map all such bins in ...
  4. PSC Ethan Yee

    Tending to the nation’s digital infrastructure

    PSC Scholarship holder Ethan Yee works with technology so that Singaporeans can live better
  5. Parents Gateway launch

    New mobile app launched for schools to send updates to parents

  6. Chan Cheow Hoe, Singapore's first Government Chief Digital Technology Officer

    What next for smart nation Singapore? Getting citizens and SMEs to embrace digital

    Mr Chan Cheow Hoe, the country’s first Government Chief Digital Technology Officer, is pushing for more in the civil service to think of citizens ...