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  1. The Proletarka complex was built towards the end of the tsarist era in Russia to house some 15,000

    In crumbling workers' paradise, Russians live in squalor

    An elegant complex of red-brick buildings, the "Proletarka" in the Russian city of Tver was designed as model housing for workers. But a century ...
  2. Why has borrowing and lending money between family members decreased?

    Why has borrowing and lending money between family members decreased?

    According to research from UK bank Lloyds and real estate firm Savills, reduced housing market activity during the pandemic has contributed to ...
  3. Single family homes being built by KB Homes are shown under construction in San Diego

    US housing starts surge in July in rare pandemic bright spot

    US homebuilding accelerated by the most in nearly four years in July in the latest sign the housing sector is emerging as one of the few areas of ...
  4. Amid the coronavirus economic recession in Singapore, there are mortgage savings to be made.

    Home loan rates are low — do you refinance or reprice? Five things to know

    As banks cut interest rates, it is an opportune time for home owners to review their monthly cash outlay and ease any financial strain possibly ...
  5. Logo of Google is seen in Davos

    Google's new rules clamp down on discriminatory housing, job ads

    Alphabet Inc's Google said on Thursday it would stop allowing housing, employment and credit ads to be targeted to users based on their postal ...
  6. John-Son Oei EPIC Homes co-founder

    This Malaysian social entrepreneur wants to change lives by building homes

    As Malaysia enters its recovery phase today (June 10), we shine the spotlight on EPIC Homes co-founder John-Son Oei, who has committed himself to ...