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  1. Visitors at the Stirling Residences showflat

    Commentary: Who’s buying private property after last year’s cooling measures?

    Actually, there is some resilience in the demand for private property in Singapore among specific groups of buyers, says Senior Director and Head, ...
  2. A Microsoft logo is seen in Los Angeles

    Microsoft pledges US$500 million to ease local housing crunch

  3. hdb hub flats

    900 flat buyers cancelled BTO bookings in 2018: Lawrence Wong

  4. bukit batok hdb flats

    Lease Buyback Scheme extended to all HDB flat types from Jan 1, 2019

  5. jumbo hdb flat

    Commentary: The future of Singapore housing is in bigger HDB flats

    Consider building more jumbo flats to encourage young Singaporean couples to live with their aged parents and have kids, says Sing Tien Foo, ...
  6. At the bottom of the property ladder, people are falling off the lowest rung

    No place like home: Dublin boom fuels housing spiral

  7. Macpherson housing block

    MacPherson at 50: Remembering the past and forging the future in one of Singapore's first HDB estates

    As one of Singapore's oldest public housing estates celebrates its 50th anniversary, measures are in place to ensure it retains its appeal for ...
  8. big family three generations

    Commentary: All under one roof, the dramatic rise of the three-generation household

    More kids are living with their grandparents and parents, says one observer.
  9. bukit batok hdb flats

    HDB in collaboration to develop 'useful' apps, services for residents