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  1. On The Job as a heartland waste collector: A rancid, repulsive and sobering experience

    In the series where Channel NewsAsia journalists try working in some of Singapore’s essential but undervalued jobs, Aqil Haziq Mahmud gets his ...
  2. Thinking outside the box to ease Hong Kong's housing crisis

  3. How Singapore's 50-year-old land sales programme is evolving

  4. 56 families have been placed under Fresh Start Housing Scheme: Lawrence Wong

    Out of the 56 families placed under the scheme, 33 have already sucessfully applied for a flat, said Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong.
  5. Fewer water pressure complaints by HDB residents: PUB

  6. Myanmar corrects state media report on UN 'agreement' to help house refugees

    A Myanmar state-run newspaper on Saturday corrected a report that a U.N. settlement programme, UN-Habitat, had agreed to help build housing for ...
  7. UN rejects Myanmar claim that it agreed to help build housing for refugees

    A UN settlement programme, UN-Habitat in Myanmar, on Thursday rejected a state media report that it had agreed to help build housing for people ...