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  1. Lawyer

    Lawyer fined for molesting 3 women in a pub after drinks

  2. law society of singapore

    Law Society issues call for caution after 'alarming' scams targeting law firm clients

  3. Lawyers taking oath Supreme court

    The Big Read: Rise of the machine — how technology is disrupting Singapore’s law firms

    Singapore is playing catch up to embrace technological adoption in the legal and judicial world. Legal professionals say tech may also reduce the ...
  4. business person walking with satchel

    Commentary: Lawyers may have to grapple with big data soon

    Human judgment will remain a crucial ingredient but legal practice will likely be augmented by artificial intelligence in the future, say two ...
  5. Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon at mass call 2017

    New mentorship scheme for younger lawyers to be launched

    Mentors will be able to provide career counselling and advise on ethical dilemmas.