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  1. Fire @ No. 32E Tuas Ave 11 (1)

    Commentary: Spate of workplace deaths and what needs addressing in Singapore's safety culture

    The 11 deaths in February were three times more than the monthly average of 3.8 workplace fatalities over the last five years, says Associate ...
  2. TP ep 38 - migrant worker dormitory, one year on
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    Ep 38: Migrant Worker Dormitories: One Year On

    It’s been six months since foreign worker dormitories were locked down, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But has life changed for them since? They ...
  3. Japan’s Changing Faces
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    Ep 32: Japan’s Changing Faces

    COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates labour shortages in some parts of Japan, a Japanese inn turns to foreign workers for help and finds new meaning to ...
  4. COVID-19: Inside a migrant worker dormitory in Singapore | Video
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    COVID-19: Inside a migrant worker dormitory in Singapore | Video

    CNA was given a rare look inside Changi Lodge 2, a dormitory for migrant workers in Singapore, shortly before it was declared a COVID-19 cluster ...
  5. TP ep 30 - moonlighting maids
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    Ep 30: Why Is My Helper Moonlighting?

    Have you ever wondered what your helper is doing on her off day? In this episode of Talking Point, Steven Chia investigates the illegal side ...
  6. Insight FY2021 ep 27
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    Ep 27: Poverty In Asia: India

    COVID-19 has sent India's once red hot economy into a tailspin and left tens of millions of people jobless. But it's the poor who've been hit the ...
  7. OTRD - Singapore in the time of COVID
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    Ep 1: Singapore In The Time Of COVID-19

    "Hard times is a time for us to give." From an elderly cleaner to a pregnant doctor, ordinary Singaporeans make time to help the most vulnerable ...
  8. TP - foreign worker dormitory
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    Ep 2: Foreign Worker Dormitories Amid Covid-19: Are We Doing Enough?

    Dormitories housing tens of thousands of migrant workers have been locked down due to an outbreak of COVID-19. How worried should we be? And is ...
  9. 24 Oct 2020
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    The People Speak

    Myanmar, a country just starting to open up to the world, is now gearing up for its second free election in decades. In neighbouring Thailand, ...