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  1. RT Group dormitory room

    IN FOCUS: The long, challenging journey to bring COVID-19 under control in migrant worker dormitories

    It took many people and a huge effort to bring the COVID-19 situation under control among Singapore's migrant worker community. CNA spoke to some ...
  2. OTRD - Singapore in the time of COVID
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    Ep 1: Singapore In The Time Of COVID-19

    "Hard times is a time for us to give." From an elderly cleaner to a pregnant doctor, ordinary Singaporeans make time to help the most vulnerable ...
  3. TP - foreign worker dormitory
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    Ep 2: Foreign Worker Dormitories Amid Covid-19: Are We Doing Enough?

    Dormitories housing tens of thousands of migrant workers have been locked down due to an outbreak of COVID-19. How worried should we be? And is ...
  4. Foreign maids must be supervised when cleaning windows

    Commentary: Instead of robots or commodities, why not treat foreign domestic workers like fellow human beings?

    Recent news of how employment agencies have presented foreign domestic workers as tradable commodities should spur us to think about whether this ...