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  1. The Paris criminal investigation HQ at 36 Quai des Orfevres features in George Simenon's

    Canadian tourist allegedly raped in Paris police HQ says visit to station was ‘worst mistake’

    A Canadian tourist who says she was gang-raped by French officers at police headquarters in Paris told a court on Wednesday that agreeing to visit ...
  2. The alleged crime took place at the 36 Quai des Orfevres, the celebrated police headquarters that

    French police on trial for alleged rape in former headquarters

    Two French policemen went on trial Monday over the alleged gang-rape of a drunk Canadian tourist in the former headquarters of the Paris police, ...
  3. A woman's body has been found under the rubble following Saturday's massive blast in

    Paris gas blast toll rises to 4 as body found in rubble

    The death toll from a powerful gas explosion in central Paris has risen to four after rescue workers found a woman's body in the rubble, ...
  4. Paris bakery blast

    Two firefighters, Spanish tourist killed in Paris gas leak blast

  5. Air bookings to Paris are down after the protests

    France bracing for bigger, more violent 'yellow vests' demos

    French officials said on Friday (Jan 11) they expect this weekend's "yellow vest" demonstrations to be bigger and more violent than a week ago, as ...
  6. A mural by street artist PBOY depicts "yellow vest" protesters inspired by a painting by

    'Yellow vest' anger as French boxer who hit police denied bail

    Supporters of the French boxer filmed punching police officers during a "yellow vest" protest reacted angrily Thursday after he was denied bail at ...
  7. CNA Lifestyle

    Dior switches Paris catwalk date to avoid 'yellow vest' protests

  8. The third anniversary of the Paris attacks of November 2015, in Paris

    Belgium charge man with providing arms to Paris attackers

    Belgian authorities have charged a Belgian man with providing arms to the attackers who carried out the attacks in Paris in November 2015.
  9. "O'Naturel" will draw the curtain on nude fine dining in Paris in February after a

    Paris nudist restaurant undone by scanty custom

    The first nudist restaurant in the French capital is being forced to close because it cannot put enough bums on seats.