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  1. Indonesian President Joko Widodo shows his ink-stained finger after casting his ballots during elec

    President Jokowi declares victory in Indonesia elections

  2. Joko Widodo car surrounded Indonesia

    Indonesia warns against protests as Widodo rival rejects results

  3. Elections in Indonesia

    Commentary: Looks like Indonesia has rejected divisive identity politics

    Incumbent President Joko Widodo is leading Prabowo Subianto with a larger margin than in 2014, an affirmation of Indonesians’ support for his ...
  4. Indonesia election workers dressed in ghost costumes

    Indonesia lures voters with ghouls, superheroes and tonnes of fun

  5. Jokowi and Prabowo

    Polls close in Indonesia's giant one-day election

  6. Indonesia votes

    ‘Ghost voters’: Indonesian authorities reject Prabowo’s claims of election irregularities

    Prabowo’s camp has questioned the legitimacy of 17.5 million voters on the electoral list and threatened to protest if its concerns are ignored.
  7. Worker checks ballot papers printed for upcoming Indonesian presidential election in Jakarta

    Commentary: The contest in Indonesia will be closer than expected

    Concerns over the economy, a noisy digital media landscape and the rise of religious forces are shaping what looks set to be a contentious ...
  8. An official prepares ballot boxes and other voting materials in Jakarta ahead of elections next

    The Big Read: Religion, fake news take centre stage as divided Indonesia goes to the polls

    Amid increasing religious polarisation, Indonesians are going to the voting booths more divided than ever, experts say.