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  1. FILE PHOTO: The haze from bushfires obscures the sun setting above the Sydney Opera House in Sydney

    Commentary: Pregnant women at risk in Australian bushfires

    Pregnant women exposed to bushfire smoke face a higher risk of complications including gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and giving birth ...
  2. Pregnant woman sleeping

    Commentary: Fat-shaming pregnant women isn’t just mean, it’s harmful to new mums

    Shaming affects not only their health but also that of their children, says Angela Incollingo Rodriguez.
  3. Baby drinking milk

    Commentary: Do parents really need a confinement nanny?

    While costly for many, good confinement support can alleviate “mum guilt” and help new mothers prioritise self-care and recovery, says Annie Tan.
  4. Indian surrogate mothers protesting against a proposed ban on commercial surrogacy

    Commentary: India's ban on commercial surrogacy is no fix to legal, moral complexities

    The dearth of an international law on surrogacy creates complications for all stakeholders given the global nature of the business, says ...
  5. Kevin Kwee

    Meet the man behind Singapore‘s first luxury post-baby confinement service

    Kai Suites, slated to open in early 2020, will occupy a lush, resort-like setting in Newton. Rates start from S$12,000, and includes a stay in a ...
  6. sad mother

    Commentary: Miscarriages affect 1 in 6 pregnancies - but is rarely caused by anything the mother did

    There is increasing advocacy for research into the causes, prevention and management of miscarriages, but there remains a long way to go, says two ...