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  1. Demonstration marking the first anniversary of the "yellow vests" movement in Paris

    Paris police use tear gas, water cannon on 'yellow vest' protests anniversary

    Paris police fired tear gas in northwestern and southern Paris on Saturday to drive back protesters marking the first anniversary of ...
  2. A soldier from Pakistan's Anti-Narcotics Force walks next to a pile of confiscated drugs which

    Pakistan protests block roads but fail to oust prime minister

    Thousands of anti-government protesters blocked highways across Pakistan on Thursday in a bid to oust prime minister Imran Khan, though the ...
  3. Protests against Chile's government in Santiago

    No end in sight to Chile unrest as massive strike, more protests planned

    State workers in Chile promised to launch a massive, nationwide walk-off early on Tuesday, a sign protesters were not yet satisfied following the ...
  4. Manik Marganamahendra, a student leader at the University of Indonesia, gestures as he delivers a s

    Anger on campus: Behind the student protests that have rocked Indonesia

    With student protests sweeping Jakarta and other cities in recent months in some of the worst civil unrest to hit Indonesia in decades, Manik ...
  5. Workers repair damage to the offices of a pension fund after violent protests in Chile

    Chile president announces tougher public order laws

  6. View of a vandalized statue with a banner reading "Dignified education" during protests

    Crippling student loans contribute to Chile's protests

    Spiralling student debt, with some loans the size of a mortgage, pricey tuition fees and a troubled education system have helped fan the flames of ...
  7. "Closed by order of the people": Iraqi protesters have blocked the highway leading to a

    Blocking police at checkpoints, Iraqis revel in people power

    After a month of defying official curfews and road closures to protest, Iraqis have flipped the rule book.
  8. An Iraqi soldier is comforted by demonstrators during anti-government protests in the Shiite Muslim

    Strikes, student rallies as protests build in Iraq

    Strikes and student rallies gripped Baghdad and southern Iraq on Tuesday, after thousands in the capital defied an overnight curfew seeking to ...
  9. Anti-government protests in Iraq have sparked clashes, leaving more than 70 dead since Thursday

    Iraq army declares curfew in Baghdad after student protests

    Students and schoolchildren hit the streets of Baghdad and southern Iraq on Monday to join escalating calls for the government to quit, defying ...
  10. Lebanese army soldiers confront with demonstrators in an attempt to open a road blocked by them dur

    IMF urges Lebanon reforms, protesters keep up pressure

    The International Monetary Fund said on Monday Lebanon should urgently implement reforms to restore confidence and economic stability, as ...