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  1. SMU students walking by

    Commentary: Higher learning institutes need to change strategies to groom IT talent

    The demand for deep tech is only going to grow and the only way for Singapore to produce local talent is to change the way we teach digital ...
  2. Mira Robotics' Ugo avatar robot sterilizes a door handle with ultraviolet light during a demon

    Robot built for Japan's ageing workforce finds COVID-19 role

    Mira Robotics developed its "ugo" robot to reinforce greying Japan's shrinking workforce, but as the coronavirus threat persists, the Japanese ...
  3. ICA BioScreen-Multi Modal Biometric Screening System

    ‘Policing needs to get better’: Josephine Teo highlights 3 areas that could help crime-fighters

    Biometrics, data analytics and digital forensics are mentioned as areas that could help international crime-busters better do their jobs.
  4. New Content Item

    Home Team’s new science and tech agency to focus on robots, surveillance capability: Josephine Teo

    The Second Minister for Home Affairs says it plans to table a bill to establish the agency as a statutory board under the ministry
  5. Robot waiter

    Commentary: Countries are not responding well to automation

    Time for developing countries to begin seriously considering how technology will impact labour trends, say two observers.
  6. Dr Kira Radinsky, chief scientist at eBay Israel

    Digital triage and data-driven decisions in defence, this eBay data scientist is doing them all

    Dr Kira Radinsky has helped predict global events like epidemics using data, saw her start-up bought over by e-commerce giant eBay and now ...