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  1. Singapore security guard

    More emphasis on skills, faster progression for security officers after Government accepts recommendations

  2. Police robot pix at asean summit

    Singapore police deploy robot to patrol ASEAN Summit venue

  3. Singapore Coast Guard cameras

    ASEAN Summit: Police Coast Guard beef up border security with coastal surveillance cameras

  4. saf joint ops

    SAF to launch joint operation to secure 33rd ASEAN Summit

  5. FILE PHOTO: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attends a joint news conference with Chinese Foreig

    US-China security dialogue scheduled ahead of G20 meeting

  6. Passengers wait to undergo security checks at Sydney's Domestic Airport in Australia

    Commentary: Know your rights when a border agent demands access to your digital device

    Visitors entering New Zealand will have to disclose passwords for their electronic devices if they asked to by customs officials, or risk being ...