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  1. New Content Item

    Florida school opens for class with new security after massacre

  2. Mike Pompeo

    US pledges nearly US$300 million security funding for Southeast Asia

  3. A recent cyberthreat underscores the need to take network security more seriously. (Minh Uong/The N

    Your Wi-Fi security is probably weak – here’s how to fix that

    Chances are that when you bought a Wi-Fi router, you probably did not prioritise strong network security.
  4. The head of Sweden's Civil Contingencies Agency said the country, while safer than many, must

    Commentary: Why neutral, peaceful Sweden is preparing for war

    Countries in Europe are reconsidering their defence postures – increasing military spending and reintroducing National Service, says one observer.
  5. RSN ASSeTs 1

    Safeguarding Singapore's seas with Navy's ASSeTs

  6. Singapore security guard

    Less reliance on manpower, greater use of technology, part of security Industry Transformation Map