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  1. Gallop extension HPL Canopy link

    Singapore Botanic Gardens unveils plans for upcoming Gallop extension

  2. Ethnobotany Garden 1

    Singapore's first ethnobotany garden opens at Botanic Gardens

  3. Mrs Radhika Angara

    Tembusu tree accident: Death of woman a 'tragic misadventure', says coroner

    The tree's deterioration started in the "distant past" when its roots were cut to make way for a path, Coroner Marvin Bay said.
  4. Lego World Heritage Sites (Leaning Tower Pisa, Sagrada Familia, Rapa Nui)

    Brick by brick: New Lego exhibition gathers together World Heritage Sites

    The Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of nine Southeast Asian sites painstakingly recreated for the show. Other regional heritage monuments include ...
  5. chestnut nature park 1

    Chestnut Nature Park, Singapore's largest, fully opens

    With the opening of the northern portion, the park’s mountain biking trail has been extended from 1.6km to 8.2km, while the hiking trail has been ...
  6. tree being inspected

    Inspection of trees in Singapore in line with global standards: NParks

    After a death caused by a falling tree, the National Parks Board says its approach to tree management is adaptive and in line with - if not better ...