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  1. FILE PHOTO: Musicians of the Ukrainian Radio Symphony Orchestra take part in a rehearsal after an e

    Masked Ukrainian orchestra makes concert recording as lockdown eases

    The symphony orchestra of Ukrainian radio held its first concert recording for TV, radio and online platforms since coronavirus lockdown measures ...
  2. Mykhailo Bondarenko and his sister Maria do yoga exercises as they attend an online class in Kiev

    Online courses replace kindergarten for Ukrainian preschoolers

    Sharing a pilates mat, brother and sister Mykhailo and Maria Bondarenko practise basic yoga moves at home, following the instructions of a trainer ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: A view shows a wooden house on fire in Lyudvynivka in Kiev Region

    Fires near Chernobyl pose 'no risk to human health', IAEA says

    Radiation from fires that have torn through forests around Ukraine's defunct Chernobyl nuclear power plant poses "no risk to human health", the U.N.
  4. A view shows burning trees and a road covered in heavy smoke in the exclusion zone around the Chern

    Forest fire around defunct Chernobyl nuclear plant put out, Ukraine government says

    A huge blaze that tore through forests around the defunct Chernobyl nuclear plant has been put out, Ukrainian officials said on Tuesday, saying ...
  5. Clergymen of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine produce hand sanitizer for the elderly and people in ne

    Kiev monastery fights COVID-19 with homemade hand sanitiser

    The black-robed Orthodox clerics sit in a line under an icon in one of Ukraine's oldest monasteries, mixing up batches of hand sanitizer to ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: Local workers transport a piece of wreckage from Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 at the s

    Dutch MH17 trial suspended until Jun 8 to give defence more time to prepare

    The trial of four men accused of murder over the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine in 2014 will be adjourned until June 8 to give ...
  7. Toys are placed near the cross in memory of victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 plane crash in

    Names of victims read aloud at murder trial over doomed flight MH17

    Relatives sat listening with bowed heads and eyes closed as the names of all 298 victims of a missile strike on a Malaysian airliner were read out ...