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  1. Thomson fruit seller 2

    I sell fruits because it’s fun: 97-year-old granny in viral post sees wave of kindness

    The day after a Facebook post about the elderly Thomson fruit seller went viral, one customer gave her S$100 for all her stock, just 30 minutes ...
  2. Donnie Yen bottle cap challenge

    Donnie Yen and other Asian celebrities take on the bottle cap challenge

    The stunt involves knocking the cap off a bottle with a swift kick. Watch the action star take it one step further by doing it blindfolded.
  3. Go-Jek driver

    Commentary: The ubiquity of cameras and social media fuels unhealthy mob behaviours

    The viral Go-Jek video shows how the prevalence of cameras and our human desire to share is leading us to share things to invite judgement, says ...
  4. train harassment 1

    ‘If you’re unable to react, it's ok’: How to handle public harassment

    Women’s rights organisation AWARE also shares tips on how bystanders can help in simple and even creative ways, after a Singaporean female’s ...