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  1. The Swiss ibex population was wiped out at the end of the 19th century, but since they were

    Trophy hunt of protected Alpine ibex sparks Swiss debate

    A woman wearing a bright orange vest aims her rifle and on her second shot, a large Alpine ibex with majestic curved horns collapses in the snow.
  2. An injured koala is  treated for burns by a vet at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

    Makeshift koala hospital scrambles to save dozens injured in bushfires

    Dozens of injured koalas arrive at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park's makeshift animal hospital each day in cat carriers, washing baskets or ...
  3. Veterinary surgeons said they have come across koalas, birds, wallabies and possums suffering from

    Koalas, wallabies endangered by Australia bushfires 'ecological disaster'

    The Australian government committed AUS$50 million to an emergency wildlife recovery program on Monday, calling the bushfires crisis engulfing the ...
  4. Laidback baby chimp

    Commentary: The problem with sharing cute exotic animal pics

    Shareable online images of chimpanzees, elephants and other animals are threatening their conservation and welfare, says one observer.
  5. FILE PHOTO: Formula One - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    F1 champion Hamilton donates US$500,000 to Australian wildlife rescue

    Six-times Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton said on Thursday he was donating US$500,000 (382,819 pounds) towards the rescue and care of ...
  6. Joey kangaroo pouches, Australia fires

    Koala mittens and joey pouches: Australian bushfires spark global knitting frenzy

    Knitting needles are clicking furiously around the world to create hundreds of protective pouches and blankets for native wildlife made homeless ...
  7. Koalas are badly hit because they live in trees and feed on certain types of eucalypts

    Wildlife ravaged by Australia fires could take decades to recover

    The bushfires raging across Australia have had a devastating impact on the country's unique flora and fauna, with some estimates putting the death ...
  8. WIRES volunteer and carer Tracy Dodd holds a kangaroo with burnt feet pads after being rescued from

    Battle to save Australian wildlife as bushfires rage

    A possum severely burnt by bushfires in Australia's Blue Mountains laps water from a bowl as her rescuer holds her gently in a towel, while at a ...