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  1. A baby orca named Toa became front-page news in New Zealand when he washed ashore near the capital

    Baby orca dies in New Zealand after fruitless search for mother

    Toa, the baby orca who captured hearts after he was found stranded in New Zealand waters, has lost his fight for survival, conservationists ...
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    Wild boar attacks in Punggol – averting the next dangerous encounter

    As Singapore becomes greener, could there be more man-versus-wild episodes in places near forested areas? Lin Suling tackles culling, fencing and ...
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    The one where Malaysia’s Prime Minister resigns, throwing a government into disarray and marrying your way out of poverty in Indonesia

    Up for consideration this week…. We wade through the political turmoil after Malaysia’s 94-year-old Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad resigns and ...
  4. Fish caught in nets and fishing lines at marina reservoir

    IN FOCUS: As fishing rises in popularity, concerns grow about overfishing and litter

    Restrictions on social activities amid the COVID-19 pandemic have spurred more people to pick up fishing, but with anglers dipping their lines ...
  5. Funnel-web spiders are among the world's deadliest species

    Australia scientists see life-saving potential in spider venom

    A group of Australia-based scientists are looking to venom from a deadly native spider to actually save lives, by halting the harmful effects of ...
  6. A glimpse of a dolphin cutting through muddy water to gasp for air is a regular sight along the

    Foe to friend: Fishermen join fight to save endangered Pakistan dolphin

    Freshwater dolphins are flourishing in a stretch of Pakistan's main river after a helping hand from fishermen mobilised to defend a rare species ...