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  1. AP Pulitzer nod for teen who recorded George Floyd's death

    Teen who recorded George Floyd's arrest, death wins Pulitzer nod

    The honour puts Frazier on a list with Ida B Wells, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, and the staff of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, for ...
  2. Female drivers HERO freepik

    Are women really bad drivers? How did we get this unfortunate reputation?

    Women and their questionable competence behind the wheel: CNA Luxury’s resident motoring journalist Jamie Nonis attempts to debunk the trope – ...
  3. Mongolian women with small children say a lack of childcare is the biggest reason for leaving

    Childcare shortage forces Mongolian women back into the home

    Mongolia once guaranteed free childcare for working mothers under communist rule but decades after the landlocked country transitioned to ...
  4. Female misogyny prejudice hero jasper loh

    How women can deal with prejudice from other women at work (yes, it happens)

    Ladies, have you received some uncalled for comments at the workplace? Or – gasp – accidentally let one slip before? Time to lean in and end this ...
  5. Directions Tay Liam Sze Hero CNA Lifestyle

    This PR guru’s a big reason why Singaporeans love their international fashion brands

    In the month of May, CNA Lifestyle speaks to successful working mothers who make it look all too easy. Directions’ Tay Liam Sze is the marketing ...
  6. How common eyebrow mistakes can make you look older HERO

    Hollywood’s Eyebrow Queen on how to achieve the best brows for your face

    We had a chat with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Anastasia Soare, who’s worked with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, the Kardashians and Jennifer ...
  7. Ivy Singh-Lim

    Singapore's Ivy Singh-Lim: ‘We’ve got to bring the countryside back’

    With Bollywood Veggies newly rebranded as Bollywood Farms, we meet with Singapore’s favourite firebrand Ivy Singh-Lim to find out what plans she ...
  8. Female Gamers Hero-Female-Gamers

    From livestreaming to e-sports: Witness the rise of female gamers in Singapore

    It's game on! Women are making inroads in the world of gaming – long regarded as the den of male players – from running businesses to live streaming.
  9. Women empowerment Art Chern Ling HERO

    What does modern day female empowerment really mean in Singapore?

    Even in a modern society like Singapore, do women really enjoy enough freedom of choice, access to equal opportunities and the right to ...
  10. Singapore's first female beer brewmaster 1

    ‘Are you a beer girl?’: Meet Singapore’s first and only certified female brewmaster

    RedDot BrewHouse’s Crystalla Huang shares what it was like falling in love with beer – and how she’s challenging stereotypes in a man’s world.