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  1. European Union leaders summit after European Parliament elections in Brussels

    More women in the EU leadership? Don't expect too much

    When the men who run the European Union pick its new leaders this year, they might finally appoint a few more women. But don't expect a radical ...
  2. The best resort-ready footwear for women 2019

    Sun, sea and sandals: The most stylish casual footwear of the season

    These trendy resort-ready options will put a spring back in your step – from vacation to cocktails to brunch with the girls.
  3. Protesters in Buenos Aires sported the green and purple favored by women's rights groups in

    Argentina's women protest for legal abortion, against violence

    Thousands of Argentine protesters flooded the streets of Buenos Aires on Monday in a show of force for the abortion rights movement, and to ...
  4. Jacquelyn Tan UOB

    Is a credit card for women only still relevant today 30 years after it was launched?

    It's about respecting every woman’s individuality, says UOB’s Head of Personal Financial Services, Jacquelyn Tan – and the Lady’s Card wants a ...
  5. For half a century, scientists focused their studies nearly exclusively on male mice, rats and

    Time to start studying females too, urges scientist

    US neurobiologist Rebecca Shansky recalled her first experiences studying mice in the lab two decades ago: the "default" was to study males.
  6. Cyril Ramaphosa

    South Africa slashes cabinet size, appoints 50% women

  7. France's Simone Veil, first of only two women presidents of the European Parliament, pictured

    Women gaining ground in the European Parliament

    The number of women members of the European Parliament has doubled since direct elections were first held in 1979, but they still remain the ...
  8. The domestic Women's Super League receives scant publicity and games draw meagre attendances

    Population 1.4 billion, but China women's football scraping the barrel

    Her grandmother never wanted her to play football so 11-year-old Liu Chang's father sneaked her out of the house when grandma wasn't looking.
  9. Invest in care to boost workforce participation and growth

    Commentary: Who's looking after the children and elderly if more women work?

    Care work is rarely included in standard prescriptions for increasing women’s economic participation, University of Sydney's Elizabeth Hill, ...
  10. Exsto Cognac HERO

    Finally, a cognac made by women for women that isn’t ‘an old man’s drink’

    Exsto is the world’s first cognac created by two Frenchwomen, sommelier Julie Dupouy and entrepreneur Sabrina Duong.