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  1. Abbey Road Studios Managing Director Isabel Garvey poses for a portrait in London

    Women wanted: Abbey Road Studios tackles industry imbalance

    The famed London recording studios launched its Equalise programme on International Women's Day last year.
  2. woman silhouette,silent,shadow,sexual harassment,stigma

    Commentary: Contrary to what we expect, women in senior roles face more workplace sexual harassment

    Female managers not only experience workplace sexual harassment at higher rates than other females, they also face different types of sexual ...
  3. Defiantly facing off against Wall Street's iconic "Charging Bull," the popular bronze

    Women making inroads on Wall Street, but still a long way to go

    Pin-up photos and smutty jokes have long been commonplace on trading floors, but the finance world is gradually opening up to women – underlined ...
  4. Ep 6
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    Ep 6: Keeping Ahead By Staying Behind

    Ichizawa Hanpu is a bag brand with one store in Kyoto. How does this cult-brand survive? Visit a home that embodies kampong-style living and meet ...
  5. Hero Maison de L'Asie

    The Singaporean making Asian-inspired luxury perfumes for the world

    Elizabeth Liau started Maison de L’Asie in November 2020. The luxury fragrance house combines revered French olfactory techniques with a distinct ...
  6. Period panties HERO

    Period-proof underwear is a thing – and can help ladies during awkward moments

    Accidental leaks and stains can get embarrassing – which is where period panties come in. Here’s everything you need to know about it and where to ...
  7. Nga Nguyen Vietnamese heiress

    Vietnam heiress, once branded a COVID-19 super-spreader, now has hygiene line

    Nga Nguyen was accused of being fashion’s patient zero when she tested positive for COVID-19 after attending fashion week in Europe. Now, she’s ...