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  1. Women are pictured wearing protective face masks and face shields

    Commentary: COVID-19 is likely to worsen gender inequality in Asia

    Previous pandemics show that women are worse-off in terms of economic security and job opportunities, say observers.
  2. Women's watches 2020

    ‘Twistie’ bracelets, hammered dials: 7 women’s watches that deserve a closer look

    The ladies want watches as multi-dimensional as they are, and these seven watchmakers are delivering them.
  3. abuse shot

    Commentary: Isolated with your abuser? Why family violence seems to be on the rise during COVID-19 outbreak

    Family conflict and violence may see an uptick as the coronavirus outbreak fuels more social isolation measures, says Shailey Hingorani.
  4. Colleagues in the office

    Commentary: When did LinkedIn become a dating site? Two rules to navigate this new challenge

    Making a match might be difficult in tiny Singapore, but please keep the pick-up lines and date invites out of work-related interactions, says ...
  5. family

    Commentary: How helping at home benefited my wife, our children and even me

    To achieve gender equality in the Singapore workplace, we need to talk about equality at home, says HSBC’s Daniel Fitzpatrick.
  6. 6 of the most iconic shoes to ever walk the fashion runways

    Step Up: 6 of the most iconic shoes to ever walk the fashion runways

    These are the vertiginous wonders inducted in fashion's Hall of Fame.
  7. woman boss

    Commentary: Women managers face double standards at work

    Gendered differences in expectations make us see Queen Bees when they aren’t really there, say two experts.