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    Man City beat Chelsea to reach Women's League Cup final

  2. Many communities in Nepal consider menstruating women as impure and force mothers and daughters to

    Nepali woman dies in outlawed 'menstruation hut'

    A Nepali woman has died of suspected smoke inhalation while banished to a hut during her period, police said Sunday, just weeks after the deaths ...
  3. (ll) Devika Satheesh

    Life after being molested as a child: Confusion, anger and forgiveness

    The legal process keeps track of what happens to a person who sexually abuses children, from the point of arrest to conviction and sentencing. But ...
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    Women march in hundreds of US cities for third straight year

  5. woman silhouette, silent, shadow, sexual harassment

    Commentary: A culture of unwanted advances and the persistence of workplace sexual harassment

    Complaints of sexual harassment at the workplace were brushed off and downplayed, and some were persuaded to 'drop the issue and move on', says ...
  6. Period hormone menstrual cycle office woman

    Commentary: Women over-invest in workplace capabilities to make up for the gender qualification gap

    Women invested more in education and workforce experience over what is required for their job, one researcher found.
  7. Women violence protest

    Home 'most dangerous place' for women, UN study shows

    More than half the women who were murdered worldwide last year were killed by their partners or family members, making home "the most dangerous ...
  8. INSIGHT India's water crisis main

    Commentary: In parched India, collecting water turns millions into second-class citizens

    Adverse weather and societal roles are turning one group of Indians into second-class citizens, says one observer.
  9. A couple holding hands.

    Commentary: Women quit for their husbands too

    Women don't just quit their jobs to take care of their kids; they approach wifehood with the same selfless attitude, says one observer.