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  1. Australian PM Morrison visits Japan, meets with counterpart Suga

    Japan, Australia raise concerns about reported abuses in China

    Japan and Australia said on Wednesday they had "serious concerns" about reported human rights abuses against Uyghur and other Muslim minorities in ...
  2. A facility believed to be a reeducation camp north of Akto in China's northwestern Xinjiang

    'Uyghur Tribunal' to convene over alleged abuses as China fumes

    A panel of United Kingdom-based lawyers and rights experts investigating the plight of Uyghurs in China will begin hearing evidence from witnesses ...
  3. Workers are seen on the production line at a cotton textile factory in Korla

    Japan's Mizuno and World Co to stop using Xinjiang cotton - Nikkei

    Japanese apparel makers Mizuno and World Co will stop using Xinjiang cotton out of concerns over alleged human rights violations in the region, ...
  4. Beijing has sought to control what it sees as unruly minoritites in Xinjiang with a pervasive

    Sterilisation and Xinjiang's shrinking population

    She was already beyond child-bearing age, but Qelbinur Sedik said that Chinese authorities still forcibly sterilised her, part of what she ...
  5. China UK Xinjiang

    Chinese official in Xinjiang slams UK genocide declaration

    A spokesperson for the Xinjiang region called accusations of genocide “counter to the facts” as China came under more pressure this week over its ...