Cyber Punk'd

The internet has connected us, enabled us and empowered us. But, it’s also made us very, very unsafe. It’s only a matter of time till we all get hacked, somehow. Local comedian Fakkah Fuzz, whose life and career revolves around the internet, would have lots to lose. So, he’s headed on a learning journey, to discover how to get smarter with smart technology. 

Fuzz learns the “ins and outs” of cybercrime and cyber hygiene. He meets top cybersecurity practitioners, scholars, experts from governments, white-hat hackers, black-hat hackers and just regular people who’ve fallen victim, spectacularly, to cyber breaches. 

Fakkah Fuzz hosts this fun and insightful documentary series designed to demystify Cybersecurity –a topic often thought to be too technical, or only “for the nerds”. The two-parter covers a comprehensive span of topics, including encryption, IoT, malware, password cracking and more. Tune in, and help make the internet a safer place for everyone.  

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