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Jaime Ho

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Chief Editor at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Chemical refineries in Singapore's Jurong Island

    Commentary: Budget 2017 and the carbon tax lays the groundwork for climate leadership

    The move to introduce a carbon tax highlights the leadership role that Singapore can play in addressing climate change.
  2. rex tillerson

    Commentary: Who’s manning the Trump administration’s Asia policy shop?

    The Trump administration’s first 100 days have passed, and there still isn’t a deputy to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in place. And this is ...
  3. marina barrage

    Commentary: Why Singapore’s new 'absolute' climate mitigation targets could be an absolute game changer

    The Singapore Government’s setting of new absolute targets is a positive step in sharpening the narrative on climate action and shaping ...
  4. A flooded street seen at the Supreme Court Lane after a heavy downpour

    Commentary: As time runs out on the climate crisis, Singapore prepares to address the cost of adapting

    The threat of climate change is long term, the size of the investments concerned could be unprecedented and fundamental shifts in how the ...
  5. Trump's motorcade arrives at The White House in Washington

    Commentary: What to expect as PM Lee Hsien Loong heads to the White House

    Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will head to the White House to call on a US President with growing foreign and domestic challenges. Jaime Ho, ...
  6. jcc golf course

    Commentary: Is golf dying in Singapore?

    While the closure of golf courses to make way for the high-speed rail project presents short-term problems, the sport in Singapore may have other ...
  7. NDP 2015

    Commentary: As information warfare enters a new age, time for a Total Defence upgrade

    With the establishment of a Parliamentary Select Committee to address the dangers and response to “deliberate online falsehoods”, Channel NewsAsia ...
  8. PAP flag logo

    Commentary: Relooking the recruitment and renewal of the PAP’s leadership

    The People's Action Party may have to look deeper into why and how it should inject greater diversity into its leadership ranks, argues Jaime Ho, ...
  9. Foreign influence illustration

    Commentary: What next as the Government looks beyond disinformation in targeting foreign influence in Singapore

    As the Government develops its position on tackling foreign interference, a sharper focus could be placed on how to deal with agents, money and ...