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  1. Wuhan virus outbreak: Update on patients in Thailand
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    Wuhan virus outbreak: Update on patients in Thailand

    As of Jan 21, Thailand is the only country outside China with more than one confirmed case of the virus. CNA's Pichayada Promchertchoo has an ...
  2. Phuket tourism

    Phuket already bursting at the seams but more tourists on the way

    Thailand's popular resort island Phuket may struggle to keep up with an expected influx of tourists in the coming years, with its current ...
  3. Barista Jin from Panya Cafe

    Barista with Down Syndrome becomes social media sensation in Thailand

    In a small roadside café of Bangkok, a barista with Down Syndrome works hard to fight social stigma and show what people with learning ...
  4. Organ trade on Facebook

    Kidney for sale: How organs can be bought via social media in the Philippines

    In the second of a two part series looking at the illegal trade in human organs in the Philippines, CNA's Pichayada Promchertchoo investigated how ...