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  1. (pp) Bennetty 1

    Senior indie rockers in Thailand show old age can be cool and full of hope

    The band Bennetty is made up of six retirees - the oldest of whom is 86. Their debut single Jood Derm, which deals with the themes of old age and ...
  2. Najib Razak 1MDB curtain raiser 6

    Najib, 1MDB and billions of dollars: A look back at one of Malaysia’s biggest corruption scandals

    Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Najib Razak is due to appear at the Anti-Corruption Commission today as the probe into his alleged involvement in ...
  3. (pp) Sex trade Part1: Putri

    Indonesia’s sex trade ‘impossible’ to shut down

    Indonesia has moved to crack down on prostitution after pledging to shut down all red-light districts by 2019. However, the push is having a ...
  4. Najib Razak looking glum Barisan Nasional GE14 presser

    ‘I accept people's verdict’: Najib on Malaysian election results

  5. (pp) Najib's promises (1)

    'We can transform Malaysia without changing its leadership': Najib