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  1. China Wheres Jack Ma

    Commentary: Why China’s US$2.8 billion fine is a huge relief for Alibaba

    The Chinese Big Tech firm knows the outcome could be far worse in a country that has ruled by law, in a year of huge importance to the Chinese ...
  2. China has earmarked roughly $4.1 billion in loans for Papua New Guinea

    Commentary: China’s foreign loans, as a recent study shows, is full of ‘Chinese characteristics’

    China’s lending has been secretive, with clauses to protect political interests and subject disputes to Chinese law. These could create a “China ...
  3. China Xinjiang Brands Under Fire

    Commentary: China's boycott of H&M, Nike and other big brands is really bizarre

    The timing, response by local authorities and other related developments this week gives food for thought on China’s response, says Professor Bo ...