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    Commentary: Slew of military leadership changes clear the slate for Xi Jinping

    President Xi Jinping will also likely make three key changes to the Central Military Commission to strengthen his grip over the PLA at the 19th ...
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    Commentary: Vision of a new era for a strong China reflects domestic priorities, not global ambitions

    At the Chinese Communist Party's 19th Party Congress, Xi Jinping heralded a new era in China's development. One observer examines what this new ...
  3. Increasing prosperity is a key part of the Communist Party's claim to legitimacy in China, and

    Commentary: The changing meaning of political legitimacy for the Chinese Communist Party

    In the lead-up to the 19th party congress, Bo Zhiyue discusses the CCP’s challenge of maintaining its political legitimacy, amid the Chinese ...
  4. Chinese President Xi Jinping has described the Communist Party as a "magic weapon" that

    Commentary: Sweeping reforms expected at Party Congress, but will Xi Jinping get all he wants?

    Experts predict wide-ranging reforms that allow Xi Jinping to consolidate authority. These are likely to be sweeping reforms to the CCP's power ...
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    Commentary: Removal of rising political star reveals murky nature of Chinese elite politics

    Chongqing leader Sun Zhengcai has been swiftly removed from his position and placed under party disciplinary investigation. The future for his ...
  6. Composite picture of Cai Qi and Chen Jining

    Commentary: Beijing's party bosses promise to reshape the capital

    Cai Qi and Chen Jining have been chosen to lead Beijing. Their strong political connections, especially with Xi Jinping, will allow them to ...
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    Commentary: TPP not very attractive but still a major opportunity for China

    China's economy and reform agenda will get an extra boost if it joins the Trans-Pacific Partnership, argues political commentator Bo Zhiyue.
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    Commentary: Why North Korea is turning into a headache for China and Xi Jinping

    With North Korea speeding up its nuclear programme development and with less leverage with key countries in the Six-Party Talks, China is in a ...
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    Commentary: China's global economic diplomacy on the rise, even if it has not yet arrived

    The One Belt, One Road initiative and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank are seen as examples of China's global economic ambitions, but they ...
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    Commentary: Leaders' differing agendas meant little progress made at US-China summit

    There were no concrete outcomes from US-China summit because the two leaders had different agendas.