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  1. Spaghetti topped with avocado slices being served at Kiss Avocado, a restaurant in Shanghai.

    Avocados hit sweet spot in China, while sucking Chile dry

    Chinese consumers have embraced the craze for the fruit only in recent years, but that is making life ever more difficult in one of its source ...
  2. What dinner might be made of in future.

    Crickets, algae, soya discard — 3 foods of the future, made in Singapore

    Food production is seeing an unprecedented wave of innovation, raising questions about whether eating processed lab food, for example, is a good idea.
  3. Firefighters in the Brazilian Amazon basin state of Mato Grosso battle a forest blaze.

    China is hungry for food. The Amazon is left counting the cost

    The face of Brazilian rainforest is changing, and China is responsible for that in no small way, with its newfound love of beef and demand for ...
  4. Guest actor Andrew Lua does a dramatisation of the types of parents in a class WhatsApp group chat.

    The low-down on parents’ WhatsApp group chats: Are they becoming toxic?

    Some users describe these group chats as useful, others decry the parents with a competitive mindset. So stay or leave? Talking Point deliberates ...
  5. Flooding in Orchard Road in 2010, for example at Liat Towers, proved costly.

    Climate change, floods and drought: Here’s how badly Singapore could be affected

    Singaporeans might see the effects of the climate crisis sooner than they think, and the impact could be worse than expected, as the programme Why ...
  6. The trauma specialists from Tan Tock Seng Hospital, doing a job few are equipped to handle.

    Inside the trauma unit: The surgeons who fight to save every life

    If you are badly injured, they are the ones in the front line fighting to not only save you, but also help you get back on your feet. CNA Insider ...
  7. There are gingerbread men, pineapple tarts and a home from home for the women bakers here.

    The low-income women who are baking in change into their lives, together

    Since the start of an initiative to enhance the skills of bakers in rental communities, the women involved have found support from one another, ...
  8. Singapore's national symbols remain a platform for the people's common aspirations.

    Five things you didn’t know about these symbols of Singaporean nationhood

    They represent the nation’s highest ideals, but had to be created in a hurry to rally the people to a new vision. After 60 years, there are ...
  9. China’s growing middle class has developed a taste for exotic fruits like durian.

    How China’s love of durian is reshaping the Thai countryside

    The king of fruits in this region is a new favourite in China, largely sourced from Thailand. But whether that is a blessing or a curse for the ...
  10. PSLE results day 2019 (4)

    PSLE maths: Thorn in the side of parents, or challenge to embrace?

    Emotions ran high after this year’s PSLE maths paper. And the question surfaced again: Is too much being asked of our children? Talking Point ...