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Derrick A Paulo

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. At the age of 51, Malcolm Vincent Rosario is considered a mature worker.

    Surviving recession: I was laid off twice within months. Now I help others like me find jobs

    As a jobless PMET, 51-year-old Malcolm Vincent Rosario tried to reskill — but things didn’t quite go as planned. He’s one of 12 Singaporeans who ...
  2. At least eight in 10 probationers are under the age of 21. Some of them are electronically tagged.

    ‘I regret committing crime’: Inside the Probation Service and lives of youth offenders

    When the courts decide to keep young offenders out of jail, it is up to one team to find out how they can be rehabilitated. CNA gets an ...
  3. Bruised fruits? Beauty standards are a factor in food waste, but change is coming.

    When over 7 tonnes of chicken is discarded daily — the alarming scale of food waste in Asia

    Cities in Asia are losing all kinds of food. And most of this wastage happens even before consumers can make their purchases. In a three-part ...
  4. Hampered by chronic asthma and an old knee injury, Vasoo Kesevan needed help to lose weight.

    Morbidly obese at 212kg, he had a hard time even walking. A surgery changed that

    Vasoo Kesevan went from being overweight to morbidly obese, and from being happy to being hurt until he came to a big decision. CNA Insider tracks ...
  5. Food wastage occurring outside a wholesale market in Indonesia.

    Why our food supply chain is flawed, and these champions’ efforts to stop the waste

    It is a battle for produce in countries like India and Indonesia to reach consumers. Up to 40 per cent of food in Asia is lost post-harvest during ...
  6. An urban farm in Singapore, on the rooftop of Raffles City shopping centre.

    From Singapore to Hong Kong, how urban farming can help tackle food waste — but is it enough?

    A disconnect between consumers and their food supply chain has led to wasteful ways in cities like Singapore and Hong Kong. Bringing farming to ...
  7. Dinner time in one of Singapore's foreign worker dormitories.

    A year since COVID-19, dorm life leaves migrant workers still hoping for better

    Life has not changed much for some workers who are unable to share communal facilities, must still eat in crowded rooms and face restrictions ...
  8. Albert Choy (right), the chef and owner of Ji Xiang Seafood in Old Airport Road, with his son, Chris

    To save an old-school ‘zi char’ stall from COVID-19, a family comes together

    For the second time, Albert Choy thought a coronavirus was going to kill his food business, 17 years after it first happened. This time, his ...
  9. One of the vendors at the Sungei Road market, which was Singapore’s largest and oldest flea market.

    The former Sungei Road market vendors: Where are they now?

    Some vendors, relocated both near and far, are trying to keep memories of the place alive. The programme On The Red Dot finds out what has ...
  10. The floodwater level in Ho Chi Minh City has increased.

    Under siege by climate, man-made problems, a sinking Ho Chi Minh City fights to survive

    The city is facing extreme weather more frequently, its flood mitigation responses have not kept pace, and a proposed sea dyke has sparked debate.