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Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Dr Duong Hai Minh has been working at the National University of Singapore for 10 years.

    Engineer, innovator, aerial dancer: NUS scientist flies through the air on silk as a hobby

    Duong Hai Minh is so inspired by his art form that it gave him an idea that may help to solve the world’s plastic pollution problem. The series ...
  2. Enacted photo of a youngster searching for suicide information online.

    Can online technologies save youths from suicide? There are solutions, but hurdles too

    Is it possible to identify youths searching for suicide-related content online, push support services to them and alert their parents — all at the ...
  3. The first made-in-Singapore commercial earth observation satellite was launched in December 2015.

    Singapore’s foray into space: Boldly going where no little red dot has gone before

    The efforts of the country’s budding space industry are giving the Republic a larger stake in the space race than many people may think. The ...
  4. To help her twin daughters, Jacqueline Ang gave them big soft toys to hug for comfort.

    Navigating taboos, parents grapple with sexual stirrings of children with special needs

    When puberty struck, one conservative mother had to learn to support her girls' sexual development while coming up against the taboo around the topic.
  5. In Indonesia, a country of nearly 270 million people, plastic is everywhere.

    Indonesia stands at the crossroads of a waste crisis and plastics problem

    The country produces nearly 200,000 tonnes of rubbish a day. But with an inadequate waste management system so far, big challenges are looming.
  6. Regular soap, the antibacterial kind or an alcohol handwash? Talking Point puts them to the test.

    Is antibacterial soap better at killing germs, hands down?

    Since the Covid-19 outbreak, people have been encouraged to wash their hands for good hygiene. But what kind of cleaning agent works best? Talking ...
  7. Lab-grown siew mai. With the right set-up, the dish could be grown in people's homes too.

    Grow meat at home from stem cells? It’s coming, says Shiok Meats CEO

    Sandhya Sriram is confident that people will be able to make their own meats. Before that happens, her company is taking its lab-grown shrimp to ...
  8. A child protection officer comforts an 11-year-old boy after he was separated from his father.

    'People might think we might be playing God': Inside the Child Protective Service

    These social workers face hostility from parents and backlash against their decisions — all to safeguard children who are abused or neglected. CNA ...
  9. South Korea frog boys main

    Intrigue, scandal, heartbreak: The case of South Korea’s missing ‘frog boys’

    When five boys did not return to their village one day, their parents had to face their worst nightmare, and it became one of the country’s most ...
  10. Spaghetti topped with avocado slices being served at Kiss Avocado, a restaurant in Shanghai.

    Avocados hit sweet spot in China, while sucking Chile dry

    Chinese consumers have embraced the craze for the fruit only in recent years, but that is making life ever more difficult in one of its source ...