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Derrick A Paulo

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. New Content Item

    From playing in arcades and a one-room flat, to top of the world

    He is Singapore's first world champ in gaming - a dream that might not have been, if not for a friend who saw something special in him and paid ...
  2. The floodwater level in Ho Chi Minh City has increased.

    Under siege by climate, man-made problems, a sinking Ho Chi Minh City fights to survive

    The city is facing extreme weather more frequently, its flood mitigation responses have not kept pace, and a proposed sea dyke has sparked debate.
  3. racial harmony day

    New debate on race, racism in Singapore tackles call-out culture and ‘Chinese privilege’

    Is a ‘loud’ conversation on race occurring now because Singapore’s racial harmony is worsening? When and how should people be called out on racism?
  4. Singapore COVID-19 vaccine vaccination MOE schools students 3

    Side effects, infection risks and post-COVID-19 school life: Tackling vaccine concerns for kids

    Talking Point host Steven Chia finds out just how safe, or necessary, the COVID-19 vaccine is for children, as well as what inoculation might mean ...
  5. Ms Rubina Tiyu (right) exploring her options with fertility doctor Yeong Cheng Toh.

    The egg freezing dilemma of women in Singapore

    Only women with medical grounds are allowed to freeze their eggs, even as the fertility rate drops to a record low. Talking Point looks at some of ...
  6. Getai celebrity Liu Ling Ling was one of those who conceived in Johor Bahru.

    Why Singaporean women are going to Johor to make babies

    What's pushing Singaporean women to cross the Causeway to seek fertility treatment in Johor Bahru? Talking Point investigates.
  7. Torrential monsoon rains this year in India have submerged thousands of villages.

    Struggle and suffering in India as climate change bites, but what next after ‘brutal’ floods?

    Even as India tries to get to grips with COVID-19, another calamity is staring its people in the face. The programme Insight asks whether the ...
  8. New Content Item

    A 71-year-old and her grandchild on a green journey together, to find closeness again

    Emma wants to save the earth from choking on waste. Mildred doesn’t see the point. On The Red Dot finds out whether this generation gap between ...
  9. At the age of 51, Malcolm Vincent Rosario is considered a mature worker.

    Surviving recession: I was laid off twice within months. Now I help others like me find jobs

    As a jobless PMET, 51-year-old Malcolm Vincent Rosario tried to reskill — but things didn’t quite go as planned. He’s one of 12 Singaporeans who ...
  10. At least eight in 10 probationers are under the age of 21. Some of them are electronically tagged.

    ‘I regret committing crime’: Inside the Probation Service and lives of youth offenders

    When the courts decide to keep young offenders out of jail, it is up to one team to find out how they can be rehabilitated. CNA gets an ...