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Derrick A Paulo

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. An estimated 30-odd per cent of restaurant revenue goes to hiring.

    For F&B outlets, COVID-19 is a wake-up call. Here are seven changes they can make

    A bloated restaurant scene and a risky business model were among the things that had gone wrong with the pre-pandemic F&B sector. The programme ...
  2. Enacted photo of a youngster searching for suicide information online.

    Can online technologies save youths from suicide? There are solutions, but hurdles too

    Is it possible to identify youths searching for suicide-related content online, push support services to them and alert their parents — all at the ...
  3. Those who are not in formal employment have not fully benefited from the economic stimulus packages.

    Can the poor in Malaysia cope with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic?

    About 1.5 to 2.4 million more Malaysians could fall into poverty by one estimate. The programme Insight takes a look at the struggle to stay ...
  4. The first made-in-Singapore commercial earth observation satellite was launched in December 2015.

    Singapore’s foray into space: Boldly going where no little red dot has gone before

    The efforts of the country’s budding space industry are giving the Republic a larger stake in the space race than many people may think. The ...
  5. Torrential monsoon rains this year in India have submerged thousands of villages.

    Struggle and suffering in India as climate change bites, but what next after ‘brutal’ floods?

    Even as India tries to get to grips with COVID-19, another calamity is staring its people in the face. The programme Insight asks whether the ...
  6. How many more Indonesians will fall below the poverty line, which was S$1.35 a day before COVID-19?

    Poverty runs a thread through Indonesia as COVID-19 puts millions on the brink

    As the pandemic reverses decades of progress in Southeast Asia’s largest economy, the programme Insight looks at the impact on the poor and what ...
  7. Riot police in Hong Kong fire tear gas to disperse anti-national security law protesters.

    China's polarising new security law: Sunset for Hong Kong, or a return to stability?

    It is a new reality for Hongkongers, now that Beijing has powers to override the semi-autonomous region’s local laws and crack down on various ...
  8. Many hope that a vaccine will be the magic bullet to fight COVID-19. What are the chances?

    When can you get a COVID-19 vaccine? Five things you should know

    Researchers are accelerating what usually takes 10 to 15 years so that a vaccine could be ready by next year. But it is no easy task, so what do ...
  9. A child protection officer comforts an 11-year-old boy after he was separated from his father.

    'People might think we might be playing God': Inside the Child Protective Service

    These social workers face hostility from parents and backlash against their decisions — all to safeguard children who are abused or neglected. CNA ...
  10. With the circuit breaker over, safe distancing on public transport is said to be almost impossible.

    As Singapore reopens, public transport’s cleaning regime takes a safety test

    With ridership on trains and buses increasing, what is being done to safeguard commuters from the coronavirus, and are the measures enough? The ...