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  1. MCI fresh start 8

    Home, truly after 8 years: A divorced mother’s quest for security

    Living with relatives and in rental housing after splitting from her husband, this divorcee wanted only to give her daughters a sense of stability.
  2. (dp) CW coke main

    Coca-Cola to help tackle diabetes scourge, but sugar tax won't help: CEO

    CEO James Quincey admits that soft drink companies may have been too slow to offer a wider range of healthier options. He also tells Conversation ...
  3. (dp) OTRD generation gap green (1)

    A 71-year-old and her grandchild on a green journey together, to find closeness again

    Emma wants to save the earth from choking on waste. Mildred doesn’t see the point. On The Red Dot finds out whether this generation gap between ...
  4. OTRD full house hengs 2

    Help pours in for family of nine living on under S$3,000 a month

    The Hengs’ story moved readers and viewers to offer them help. On the flip side, some raised questions about the parents’ choices – and the couple ...
  5. (dp) OTRD full house Lims main

    Starting a family of 7 in Singapore at the age of 21

    In the space of seven years, Ethel Lim had all her children, which means mayhem now that they are all in their teens and pre-teens. On The Red Dot ...
  6. OTRD full house hengs 2

    Raising 7 children on under S$3,000 a month in Singapore

    Family sizes have shrunk, but the Hengs have bucked the trend – and their choice has come with financial, logistical and parenting challenges. On ...
  7. OTRD new zealand 5

    Left half-paralysed in a holiday crash, she walks at her wedding three years on

    A New Zealand holiday ended in a horrifying accident and life in a wheelchair. But Jean Ling tells On The Red Dot how she returned to adventuring ...
  8. A view of the causeway bordering Malaysia's southern state of Johor Bahru

    Pakatan Harapan's challenging job ahead in Johor, after its surprise win

    Perhaps more than elsewhere in Malaysia, Johor must grapple with the cost of living and inequality. And the new government may be on a short leash ...
  9. dp schizophrenia 5

    'Mummy, help me find my soul': Learning to be a mum again, to help fix her child's broken mind

    Life with schizophrenia is not easy, more so if you resent your only parent. But Valerie Liu's salvation was a mum who was ready to make amends ...
  10. PKR cabinet 1

    Can Pakatan Harapan deliver 3 key changes Malaysians want?

    The 1MDB scandal, the cost of living and racial politics are big challenges facing Malaysia’s new government. But will the Mahathir-Anwar ...