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  1. PTF solar 9

    From floating solar farms, to HDB rooftops: Where Singapore's sun-powered future lies

    Different ways of harnessing it are being explored, as the programme Powering the Future finds out. But how realistic is the goal of having solar ...
  2. TP Taipei Metro 9

    How Taipei Metro turned itself around – and the lessons for Singapore's MRT system

    It suffered a spate of delays, then became one of the world's most reliable subway systems. Talking Point travelled to Taipei to find out how the ...
  3. DMUI restaurant manager

    What you don’t see about service with a smile – the human being behind it

    How does one keep up the spirit of customer service, even as appreciation seems lacking and personal challenges loom large? The programme Don't ...
  4. A massive tsunami triggered by a 9.0-magnitude earthquake smashed into the Fukushima Daiichi power

    New cracks seven years on, as Fukushima residents urged to return home

    Amid a push to bring life back to towns near the ruined nuclear plant, Insight finds out why some evacuees and experts don’t think it’s safe at all.
  5. butterfly children 5

    Singapore’s butterfly children, born with ‘the worst disease you’ve never heard of’

    They have skin as fragile as a butterfly’s wings. Mundane activities can often cause them agony. But through the pain and struggles, hope persists.
  6. (dp) TP cyberbullying 1

    3 in 4 youngsters say they have been bullied online

    The most up-to-date survey of the issue, commissioned by Talking Point, finds cyberbullying to be a growing problem. But parents may be none the ...
  7. GR korea sex 1

    In South Korea, a society faces up to an epidemic of sexual harassment

    Globally, women are standing up to their sexual predators. But most South Koreans have been used to staying silent. The programme Get Real talks ...
  8. Inside CICU 8

    Inside the children's ICU, parents face hard choices, hope and painful goodbyes

    Given unprecedented access to Singapore’s largest children’s ICU, a new series documents these youngsters' fight to live, their parents' turmoil, ...
  9. tuas waste 10

    The long road to ensuring that Singapore's waste doesn't go to waste

    Expensive tunnels and facilities are being built to tackle mounting waste and help carve out a greener future. But current habits on the ground ...
  10. bee cheng hiang 10

    The family bak kwa business that grew and grew: 6 lessons of Bee Cheng Hiang's success

    A Chinese proverb says, ‘Wealth doesn’t pass three generations', but family business Bee Cheng Hiang has flourished with each transition. The ...