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Christy Yip

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Autism and marriage main

    She didn’t know she’d married a man on the autism spectrum. Neither did her hubby

    What happens when your soulmate does not communicate his feelings, understand social cues or play up the romance — because he has a disability?
  2. Mr Khor Kuan Min, who has high-functioning autism, at work in MOH Holdings.

    The invisible struggle of people with high-functioning autism — and workplaces that hire them

    After a lifetime of ‘blending in’ to survive, employees who hide their autism may not get the help they need to thrive. But some workplaces are ...
  3. Eric Chen, 38, was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder when he was 18 years old.

    ‘I felt like an alien abandoned in this world’: An autistic man’s quest to be ‘human’

    While autism is regarded as a lifelong disability, Eric Chen wants to defy its limitations and be seen as equal to neurotypical folks. But not all ...
  4. Losing weight through bariatric surgery
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    Losing weight through bariatric surgery

    At 212kg and with a BMI of 70, Vasoo found even walking difficult. When his weight cost him his job, he finally sought the help he needed - from a ...
  5. Looking out for grandpa with dementia
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    Looking out for grandpa with dementia

    When grandpa's dementia makes him scale a wall to sneak out and go wandering in the middle of the night - what would you do? Meet the loving ...
  6. Homeless shelter helps Malaysians sleeping rough in Singapore
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    Homeless shelter helps Malaysians sleeping rough in Singapore

    On March 18, 2020, Malaysia’s Movement Control Order took effect to contain COVID-19. To keep their jobs in Singapore, some Malaysians who usually ...
  7. His job title reads “plastic surgeon”, but it is not only about beautifying his patients.

    More than nose jobs and facelifts: The plastic surgeon who saves body parts

    The work Dr Pek Chong Han does in a government hospital goes far beyond the aesthetic. In reconstructive plastic surgery, he patches “holes” to ...
  8. Bruised fruits? Beauty standards are a factor in food waste, but change is coming.

    When over 7 tonnes of chicken is discarded daily — the alarming scale of food waste in Asia

    Cities in Asia are losing all kinds of food. And most of this wastage happens even before consumers can make their purchases. In a three-part ...
  9. Hampered by chronic asthma and an old knee injury, Vasoo Kesevan needed help to lose weight.

    Morbidly obese at 212kg, he had a hard time even walking. A surgery changed that

    Vasoo Kesevan went from being overweight to morbidly obese, and from being happy to being hurt until he came to a big decision. CNA Insider tracks ...
  10. Food wastage occurring outside a wholesale market in Indonesia.

    Why our food supply chain is flawed, and these champions’ efforts to stop the waste

    It is a battle for produce in countries like India and Indonesia to reach consumers. Up to 40 per cent of food in Asia is lost post-harvest during ...