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Christy Yip

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Shamri1

    They used to race for money. Now, man and horse help heal the human spirit

    No longer wanted as race, polo or riding mounts, these horses found a home at EQUAL - where ex-jockeys like Shamri Shamsudin show them how to ...
  2. Cruz family 2

    Becoming Singaporean: In the shoes of a Filipino migrant family

    ​​​​​​​Andre and Vicky Cruz moved to Singapore with their four children in 2007. Here’s how a family faced challenges with open minds and resolve, ...
  3. Community nurse with Kek Eh Nau, 79

    ‘We can tell them life is still worth living’: The community nurse who helps keep the elderly out of hospital

    For Chinatown’s chronically-ill seniors, nurses like 27-year-old Chua Yu Ru - who make their rounds not in a hospital but in HDB blocks – are ...
  4. Daryl Lim showing that there's more to a career in gaming than playing.

    Alien language? Shoutcasters like Daryl Lim are the voices of e-sports tournaments

    The spotlight may be on the gamers gunning for million-dollar prizes, but the little-known shoutcaster is the one tasked with fuelling viewership.
  5. His job title reads “plastic surgeon”, but it is not only about beautifying his patients.

    More than nose jobs and facelifts: The plastic surgeon who saves body parts

    The work Dr Pek Chong Han does in a government hospital goes far beyond the aesthetic. In reconstructive plastic surgery, he patches “holes” to ...
  6. A2 food insecurity 23

    Pulling together in creative ways, to better feed food insecure Singaporeans

    There are over a hundred food assistance groups helping the needy. But why are good intentions sometimes falling short of meeting needs – and can ...
  7. A1 food insecurity 32

    Why in a cheap food paradise, some Singaporeans are still going hungry

    A cleaner unable to work, a family with a 4-room flat, a single dad in debt – those experiencing food insecurity are more diverse than you think.
  8. MCI Dementia Willam at day care - Rummy O

    ‘Help’s out there, just ask’: How dementia day care helped, when grandpa kept getting lost

    As a family, they’d pulled together to look out for grandpa when he developed dementia – but still, there came a day caregiver Geraldine Lim ...