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  1. 5 things to know about Singapore's Parsis
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    5 things to know about Singapore's Parsis

    Parsis were originally from Persia, or modern-day Iran. When Muslims conquered it some 1,400 years ago, Parsis - who believe in the ancient ...
  2. (xy) neighbourhood nurse
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    The neighbourhood nurse

    This nurse found her calling in one of Singapore’s low-income neighbourhoods. Here’s how Chua Yu Ru is helping elderly residents there stay out of ...
  3. Community nurse with Kek Eh Nau, 79

    ‘We can tell them life is still worth living’: The community nurse who helps keep the elderly out of hospital

    For Chinatown’s chronically-ill seniors, nurses like 27-year-old Chua Yu Ru - who make their rounds not in a hospital but in HDB blocks – are ...
  4. Jack's gift of life: Bringing forgotten joy and music back to the old
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    Jack's gift of life: Bringing forgotten joy and music back to the old

    Last year, he was preparing to die. But when busker Jack Tan survived, it spurred him even more to touch other lives - by bringing joy back to old ...
  5. Teeteeheehee artist Teresa Lim

    Threading the path less travelled: ‘Teeteeheehee’ Teresa Lim

  6. Fishing For Perfection | Video
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    Fishing For Perfection | Video

  7. (ry) Jaime in the midst of cutting fish fat

    Want lovelier fins? Pet fish get cosmetic fixes, as owners angle for perfection

    Such beauty enhancements are practised by fish traders in Singapore, and in demand among arowana and koi owners. But some are questioning the ...
  8. (dp) busker jack main

    After facing death, a busker's mission to fill a void in old folks' lives with joy

    Mr Jack Tan has been making music since his younger days, but it was only when he thought his days were numbered that he found a higher purpose ...
  9. Boogie down memory lane: Street-jamming seniors
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    Boogie down memory lane: Street-jamming seniors

    The old songs were disappearing. Chinatown was a quiet shadow of its former self after dark. Until these young-at-heart seniors brought the groove ...
  10. Robert Downer Jr and Make-A-Wish children 5

    Robert Downey Jr swears in critically ill Singapore children as honorary Avengers

    Thirty-seven children were surprised by Iron Man himself, thanks to Make-A-Wish Singapore.