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    Air pollution, especially ozone, tied to worsening lung damage

  2. haze Joko

    Commentary: Three things Jokowi could do better to stop the haze and forest fires in Indonesia

    Entering the second term of his presidency, Jokowi must prioritise tackling the forest fires, say researchers Rini Astuti, Helena Varkkey and Zu ...
  3. Polluted Smog Blankets Jakarta

    Jakarta records worst air quality in the world again

  4. FILE PHOTO: A gas station attendant pumps fuel into a customer's car at a gas station in Shang

    Commentary: China's wrestle with insecure gas supplies

    China's goal to become the world's renewable energy superpower remains a distant goal as coal continues to be the dominant fuel in the country's ...
  5. (aw) Pasir Gudang industrial zone generic

    39 students taken ill in fresh Pasir Gudang pollution scare

  6. Jakarta is notorious for its air pollution and traffic jams

    Commentary: Jakarta’s air quality kills its residents – and it’s getting worse

    Choked up citizens have had enough and are taking the government to court over Jakarta’s chronic smog, Kate Walton points out.
  7. Gas detectors have been distributed to schools in Pasir Gudang.

    Illegal factories in Pasir Gudang will be closed down: Malaysia minister

    The government will ensure that all factories operating illegally in Pasir Gudang are shut down, the Malaysian parliament was told on Thursday ...
  8. Rush hour traffic fills the ring road in Paris

    Paris restricts 60% of cars on roads as heatwave worsens pollution