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  1. Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, who has often spoken out against racism and police brutality,

    Basketball: LeBron James opts out of wearing social justice message on jersey

    NBA superstar LeBron James said Saturday he would opt out of wearing a social justice message on the back of his jersey because it doesn't ...
  2. Players from Nanjing Monkey Kings and Zhejiang Guangsha Lions paid tribute to those who died of

    Basketball restarts in China after five-month coronavirus stoppage

    The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league resumed on Saturday behind closed doors after a five-month hiatus caused by the coronavirus ...
  3. Dallas Mavericks' Nowitzki shoots free throw as Oklahoma City Thunder's Sefolosha watches

    On this day - Born Jun 19, 1978: Dirk Nowitzki, NBA player

    Dallas Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki was one of the finest imports to feature in the NBA and became the first European player to win the league's Most ...
  4. NBA prospect Lamelo Ball played for the Hawks in Australia last year

    LaMelo Ball fails in bid for Aussie basketball team

    NBA prospect LaMelo Ball's hopes of owning an Australian professional basketball team were stolen away Wednesday as a rival consortium swooped on ...
  5. NBA basketball Hall of Famer Abdul-Jabaar waves

    On this day: Born Apr 16, 1947: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, American basketball player

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is often overlooked in the debate over who is the greatest NBA player of all time as names like Michael Jordan, Wilt ...