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  1. people rushing commuting walking to work

    Commentary: Cash-rich, time-poor wealthy are always in a hurry

    It seems that people with more money find more things to do with their time, so feel more time pressure, says Financial Times' Tim Harford.
  2. As experts told Why It Matters, poverty is complex and is not only about not having enough money.

    How poverty tends to trap people into making poor decisions

    Weighed down by a scarcity mindset and tunnel vision, the poor are at risk of making choices that feed the poverty cycle. Sometimes they are out ...
  3. The Chetti Melaka come from Hindu roots, but honour many religions.

    Meet the Chetti Melaka, or Peranakan Indians, striving to save their vanishing culture

    There are around 200 of them in Singapore. There could be a few thousand more, but so little is known of the community that many don’t know their ...
  4. Old HDB flats in Singapore

    In the search for solutions to the class divide, a call for more financial help

    More child support for low-income families, greater business efforts and HDB blocks comprising rental and BTO flats – can these help to overcome ...
  5. Regardless of class main

    Class – not race nor religion – is potentially Singapore's most divisive fault line

    That is the finding of the latest, and one of the largest, surveys on this topic, raising questions on whether the society is still based on ...
  6. Puy du Fou theme park in France

    'Intelligent' crows to pick up litter at French theme park

  7. (dp) OTRD generation gap green 4

    Commentary: Kampung spirit not a wish to revert to the past, but a longing for togetherness

    Many Singaporeans long for the sense of community and resilience we shared in the kampung, says famed author Josephine Chia.
  8. (dn) #dontforgetme St John’s Home for Elderly Persons main

    8 seniors on a social media mission to build a S$15 million home

    Almost all of them had never used a smartphone, but within weeks, these elderly residents of St John's Home learnt to shoot a video to raise funds ...
  9. (dp) Edible community garden Dover Crescent main

    The retiree behind the roof garden that brought back a kampung spirit

    Hidden away on a rooftop in Dover is a community garden that is lowering the walls among neighbours and helping to forge friendships. But it ...
  10. SCDF lifesavers

    ‘Don’t be scared’ to step up and help, says couple who saved man having cardiac arrest

    The couple, who administered CPR and saved a man’s life last week, urged others to have “courage” to take action like they did.